A Guide to the Smorgasburg in Brooklyn

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The Smorgasburg, which launched in May 2011, is a gigantic food market made up of grocers, food carts, food sellers, and other delightful, edible treats. The weekly food festival was created by the founders of the equally popular Brooklyn Flea, a weekly flea market with a well-curated selection of vendors that sell everything from housewares to vinyl.  The Smorgasburg is open year round. In the winter, it's housed with the Brooklyn Flea at 1 Hanson Place in Downtown Brooklyn.

In the spring and throughout the fall, the Smorgasburg is open in Williamsburg on Saturdays and in Prospect Park on Sundays.


Address: 90 Kent Avenue next to the East River State Park.  


As you enter the Smorgasburg, you may be overwhelmed by the crowds and the lines, but don't be deterred. Here's a word to the wise: arrive before 1 p.m. ​After noon, Smorgasburg can become either packed or picked over by the early birds. If you are really looking for the full experience, the earlier your arrival is, the better. Whatever you do, come hungry.


Smorgasburg launched as a response to the demand for more food vendors at The Brooklyn Flea. It's a smart partnership between The Brooklyn Flea and New York Greenmarkets. In addition to the hundred or so vendors, there are also appearances from local chefs giving free demonstrations and samples. Check the website for more details.


There are several tables jumbled together in the center of the market, but the best seating is at Northside Piers, directly to the left of the market. You can't miss it: there will be crowds of people seated on the grass, the benches, and the pier. Enjoy your brunch or snack with an incredible view of Manhattan.

Read more information on Northside Piers here.


Aside from vendors also appearing at The Brooklyn Flea-like the Red Hook Lobster Pound, here is a sampling of who you can expect to see at Smorgasburg: 

Wowfulls - These 1950’s-style Hong Kong egg waffles are the ideal dessert. 

Blue Bottle Coffee - each drip coffee made per order and beans to take home. 

La Buena - delicious gazpacho 

The Meat Hook - Williamsburg's local butchers grill up hot dogs and hamburgers 

People's Pops - some of the most popular (and surprisingly healthy) popsicles in Brooklyn 

McClure's Pickles - locally pickled pickles 

There are many, many more vendors selling jam, mustard, spices and other goods, and several local farms selling produce.


If you are coming from Manhattan, take the L Train to Bedford Avenue. Exit at North 7th Street, continue South on Bedford Avenue to North 6th Street. Take a right on North 6th Street. Pass Berry, then Wythe, then Kent Avenue. The Brooklyn Flea sits on the banks of the East River, tucked behind two large condominiums.

If you are coming from Brooklyn or Queens, take the G Train to Nassau. Exit at Bedford Avenue, continue South on Bedford (you will walk through McCarren Park) to North 6th Street.

Take a right on North 6th Street, and continue East on towards the water. Pass Berry, then Wythe, then Kent Avenue. The Brooklyn Flea sits on the banks of the East River, tucked behind two large condominiums.

Sundays in Prospect Park

Sunday at the Smorgasburg takes place in Prospect Park. The Smorgasburg Prospect Park runs from 11am-6pm at Breeze Hill (East Drive at Lincoln Rd.). Located near Lakeside, the seasonal skating rink, this is an ideal place to dine before enjoying the amenities of this incredibly verdant park. It's also held in rain or shine. And you can bring your dog!

Weekend Getaway 

You can head to LA and enjoy the LA Smorgasburg, but there is another Smorgasburg closer to home. On the weekend of May 20th and 21st, the Upstate Smorgasburg returns. This monthly weekend market in upstate New York takes place at the Hutton Brickyards overlooking the Hudson River in charming Kingston, NY.

The address is 200 North Street. Kingston is a little over a two-hour drive from Brooklyn, so if you're looking for a scenic road trip and some good eats, consider visiting this market this summer

Edited by Alison Lowenstein