Smoking in Scandinavia: Can I Smoke in Scandinavia?

Let's find out where you can smoke in Scandinavia and what kind of anti-smoking laws each of the Scandinavian countries have at the moment...

Smoking in Sweden:

Sweden introduced a smoking ban in 2005, which includes smoke-free restaurants, bars, and public places. However, the Swedes allowed for restaurants to create a separately ventilated designated smoking room without servers - an "indoor smoking patio".

Smoking in Denmark:

Now the third non-smoking country in Scandinavia, Denmark recently adopted non-smoking laws just like Sweden and Norway and now only allows smoking in bars smaller than 40 sq meters. Most restaurants and pubs created designated outdoor smoking areas, though, so it's not that bad.

Smoking in Norway:

Norway is said to have been the second country in the world to have non-smoking laws. Nowadays in Norway, do not light up anywhere except in private homes or outside (preferably in designated areas especially in cities).

Smoking in Iceland:

Smoking in Iceland is not allowed in any public buildings. Apart from that, Iceland is a smoker's paradise - you can light up almost anywhere (within reason). After all, Reykjavik translates to "smoky bay". If you're a non-smoker, just request smoke-free hotel rooms to make sure.

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