Where to Go Sledding in Brooklyn

Eight Great Brooklyn Parks for Sledding

Prospect Park, Brooklyn in fresh snow, snow covered park benches
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Nothing beats sledding in the winter — and there are plenty of sledding hills in Brooklyn. Here's a list recommended by the New York City Parks Department. Below, find out where parents can take their kids and where kids of all ages can go sledding in Brooklyn. 

You can find information on location, of course, but also on the all-important question (if you've got young kids in tow) of whether there are bathrooms nearby.

And if sledding's not your thing, you can build a snowman instead.

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Fort Greene Park, Fort Greene

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There are four different hills here, and everyone has a rollin' good time, from adults to the youngest of Brooklynites. There's a natural incline in this park that makes for a lot of fun. You can enter at Willoughby Avenue or DeKalb Avenue.

  • Location: Fort Greene Park is bounded by Myrtle Avenue, Cumberland Street and DeKalb Avenue.
  • Bathrooms:  The bathrooms (open year-round) in this park are located in the center of the park, and also in Fort Greene Playground at Myrtle Avenue & St. Edwards Plaza.
  • Park size: 30 acres
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Hillside Park, Brooklyn Heights/Dumbo

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Tucked away in Brooklyn Heights, you can get a little sledding in at Columbia Heights. Brooklyn's Hillside Park is one of New York's sweetest pocket-sized parks, as many local parents will attest.

  • Location: The park is bounded by Columbia Heights and south of Vine Street.
  • Bathrooms: There are no bathrooms here.
  • Park size: 2 acres.

Afterwards, you can enjoy a hot chocolate or snack on Henry Street.

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Highland Park, East New York

Highland Park straddles Brooklyn and Queens. Lots of Brooklynites have never heard of it, because this park is administered by the Queens, not the Brooklyn, Parks Department. But who cares, if the sledding is good?

  • Location: The park is bounded by Highland Boulevard, Jamaica Avenue and Jackie Robinson Parkway. NYC Parks Department recommends that you enter at the intersection of Highland Boulevard and Jamaica Avenue.
  • Bathrooms: There are year-round bathrooms in this park.
  • Park size: 140-plus acres.
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Lincoln Terrace Park, Crown Heights

You could drag your sled all the way to Prospect Park. But you can also do some good sledding at Lincoln Terrace Park.

  • Location: The park is bound by Buffalo and Rochester Avenues, adjacent to the Eastern Parkway Service Road
  • Bathrooms: There are year-round bathrooms in the park, and also in the playground at the the corner of Rochester Avenue and Carroll Street.
  • Park size: 17 acres
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McKinley Park, Bensonhurst/Bay Ridge

You might find there's a stiff breeze here, but there's also good sledding in tiny McKinley Park. Enter at the corner of Fort Hamilton Parkway and 75 Street.

  • Location: The park is bound by Fort Hamilton Parkway, 73rd to 78th Streets, and 7th Avenue.
  • Bathrooms: There is one year-round bathroom in this park.
  • Park size: 7-plus acres
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Prospect Park, Prospect Heights/Park Slope/Windsor Terrace

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Prospect Park is near several neighborhoods: Park Slope, Prospect Heights, Windsor Terrace, Prospect Park South, and Flatbush, among others. The best bets for great sledding hills in various corners of Prospect Park, Brooklyn are near the Tennis House at Prospect Park West and 9th Street, in the meadow off Grand Army Plaza, and behind the Picnic House at the Third Street Entrance.

  • Location: Prospect Park is large. It's bounded by Prospect Park West, Flatbush Avenue, Parkside Avenue and Ocean Avenue.
  • Bathrooms: There are several year-round bathrooms in Prospect Park. They're located near the Lincoln Road and Ocean Avenue entrances, at the Picnic House, and at the Third Street playground.
  • Park size: 526 acres
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Sunset Park, Sunset Park

 Keith Getter

Want to go sledding with a world-class view? Head to the interior of the park called Sunset Park, in the neighborhood known by the same name. From the highest point in this park, you can see the Statue of Liberty and New York Harbor.

  • Location: The park is bounded by 41st to 44th streets, Fifth to Seventh Avenues
  • Bathrooms: Inside the Sunset Park Recreation Center, also outside.
  • Park size: 24.5 acres

Need a nibble afterward? Check out 5th Avenue for Latino food. Or, head to 8th Avenue for Chinese dumplings.

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Shore Park Road and Owl's Head Park, Bay Ridge

Father and daughter sledding down a hill at Owl's Head Park

 Ali Weheda (CC BY-SA 2.0) / Flickr

Happen to live in Bay Ridge? Grab your sleds and check out the sledding hills at one of these two much-loved Brooklyn parks:

Owl’s Head Park

  • Location: The park is at Colonial Road and 68 Street.
  • Bathrooms: There are no bathrooms in this park.

Shore Park Road

  • Location: The park is at the intersection of Shore Road and 97th Street.
  • Bathrooms: There are three year-round bathroom areas dotted through the park.
  • Park size: 58 acres
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