Skyspace LA: Would you Slide Down the Side of a Skyscraper?

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    The Skyslide at OUE Skyspace LA in the US Bank Tower

    The Skyslide at Skyspace LA in the US Bank Tower in Downtown LA
    Photo © 2016 Kayte Deioma, licensed to

    Opened in June 2016, OUE Skyspace Los Angeles, also known as Skyspace LA, is an outdoor viewing deck and attraction nearly 1000 feet up at the top of the US Bank tower, the tallest building in Downtown Los Angeles.

    Level 54 Technology Exhibits

    The ticketing and entrance are on the 2nd floor of the building. You have to take two different elevators to get to Skyspace, with a transition on the 54th floor.  OUE took advantage of that and installed three cool technology exhibits which are fun photo opportunities to entertain visitors on their way between elevators.

    • A 360-degree video panorama displays ever-changing views of the LA skyline.
    • An Infinity Mirror in the floor gives the impression of looking down deep into the skyscraper.
    • The Shadow Wall creates a moving shadow of you that dissolves into bubbles.

    Observation Decks

    The main attraction at Skyspace is the pair of open-air Observation Decks facing northwest and southeast on the 69th floor. It is the tallest outdoor observation deck in LA. The rest of the floor is also glass-enclosed, so you see the city skyline from wherever you are, even if you don't go outside. There's a snack back and photo pickup station on the 69th floor, and a very convenient stairway up to the 70th floor.

    On a clear day, you can see for about 35 miles including the Griffith Observatory and the Hollywood Sign, but they don't have any interpretive panels telling you what you're looking at. Even on a hazy night, you can look way down and see the pool lit up at the Rooftop Bar at The Standard LA. 


    In addition to the observation decks, Skyspace features a 45-foot enclosed glass slide on the outside of the building from the 70th floor to the 69th floor. Trivia panels on the way up say that it is strong enough to hold 10 subway cars. The 1.5-inch-thick glass felt pretty solid sliding down.

    The three-second thrill with the spectacular view requires an additional ticket. If you have a Skyslide ticket, you'll be directed up to the 70th floor first. There is no separate VIP line for the Skyslide.  It's fun, but it would be more fun if it was longer or you could slide multiple times for your ticket (but who wants to wait again?). It's as long as one flight of stairs, so it's literally over in less than 3 seconds. Most people who waited two hours in line on opening day didn't think it was worth the wait. Hopefully, they'll get the line under better control so it's not such a long wait.

    Skyslide Tips

    • Visitors must be at least five years old to ride.
    • Up to two people can ride tandem.
    • You can hold a purse or backpack in your lap, but it's easier to slide without.
    • Friends and family who aren't sliding can watch and video from the Observation Deck below. There's a stairway between the two so you don't have to deal with elevator lines.
    • They take your photo on the slide, which you can purchase for an additional $25. It may seem like a lot, but it will last a lot longer than the 3-second slide.
    • Guests in wheelchairs may be accommodated on the Skyslide
    • " Guests who are pregnant, think they might be pregnant, have any history of high blood pressure, heart conditions, back/neck/bone injuries or recent surgery or illness are discouraged from riding and do so at their own risk."
    • There are no refunds if you chicken out, but you can give the ticket to someone else in your party if someone wants to slide twice.
    • If you're not sure you want to slide, you can buy your general admission ticket in advance and add on the slide once you get there (credit card required).

    General Tips

    • Admission is required for everyone over 2 years old to get up to the Observation Deck.
    • Tickets are timed for a 30-minute window.
    • It's best to get your tickets online. If you show up without tickets, your return time may be much later in the day.
    • There are general admission and VIP lines at the 2nd-floor level, but only one line for the Skyslide.
    • Sunset is a popular time to be on the Observation Deck, which means lines to get back on the elevator to go down can be long. You might have better luck walking up to the 70th floor to catch the elevator when the people still going up to the Skyslide get off.
    • Strollers, luggage, markers, tripods, outside food and beverages, commercial camera or audio recording equipment and pets are NOT allowed at Skyspace. Most of these (not pets) can be checked at the Customer Service Desk free of charge. Larger items can be checked at the Standard Hotel around the corner for $5.


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    Level 54 Technology Exhibit

    The 360 degree video panorama on the 54th floor at Skyspace LA
    Photo © 2016 Kayte Deioma, licensed to

    On the 54th floor, you'll find three technology exhibits, including this 360-degree panoramic screen showing highlights of the Los Angeles skyline at various times of day.

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    It's Only an Illusion

    An optical illusion looking down into the US Bank Tower on the 54th floor
    Photo © 2016 Kayte Deioma, licensed to

    This infinity mirror in the floor on Level 54 gives the impression that you're looking deep down the fifty-four floors below you, but it's only an illusion. 

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    The Shadow Wall

    OUE Skyspace LA
    Photo © 2016 Kayte Deioma, licensed to

    The third exhibit on Level 54 of Skyspace LA is this Shadow Wall. When you stand on the designated footprints, the shadows on the screen follow your motions, and then fade away into bubbles.

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    Sliding Down a Skyscraper

    The Skyslide at OUE Skyspace LA
    Photo © 2016 Kayte Deioma, licensed to

    As you can see from this photo shot from the 70th floor, the distance you travel to the waiting crowd below is not far at all. Any family or friends who don't want to slide can watch from above or below.

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    The Sliding Carpet Ride

    The Skyslide at OUE Skyspace LA
    Photo © 2016 Kayte Deioma, licensed to

    They don't give you a push on the Skyslide, you have to scooch yourself forward on your sliding carpet until you reach the incline and start to slide.

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    Sunset Slider

    The Skyslide at OUE Skyspace LA
    Photo © 2016 Kayte Deioma, licensed to

    Your family and friends can take photos or video of your slide from the southeast Observation Deck below. If you don't have anyone to take the shot, the camera on the slide will capture the moment for a fee.

    Tip: If you want a photo or video and don't have pro gear, slide before dark.

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    Hi-Spy Viewing Machines

    Getting a close-up view at sunset from Skyspace LA
    Photo © 2016 Kayte Deioma, licensed to

    There are Hi-Spy Viewing Machines at adult and kid levels on the Observation Decks, which is great for clear days, but not all that much help on a hazy day.

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    The Sunset View

    Sunset from the Observation Deck at Skyspace LA in the US Bank Tower
    Photo © 2016 Kayte Deioma, licensed to

    Photographer Tip: Most of the people shooting photos of the sunset from the northwest Observation will get home and have nice photos of sunset from a high vantage point that won't say a lot about where they were. For a more memorable photo, include some part of the environment in the photo. 

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    A Little Romance

    Sunset from the Observation Deck at Skyspace LA in the US Bank Tower
    Photo © 2016 Kayte Deioma, licensed to

    Just waiting for a Sleepless in Seattle moment, this is going on my list of Romantic Things to Do in Los Angeles and Best Places to Propose in LA. There's a special event venue available on the 70th floor, so it might also find a place on the Top Wedding Venues in Los Angeles

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    The Night View

    View from the Observation Deck at Skyspace LA in the US Bank Tower
    Photo © 2016 Kayte Deioma, licensed to

    The daytime view on opening day was quite hazy, but the night view made up for it. Tripods are not allowed, but I was able to rest my camera on a bar across one of the windows and wrap my sweater around the lens to cut reflections to get this pretty clean shot from inside the building. Security guards on the deck will shoo you away from touching the outside glass, but the views from inside are spectacular too. 

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    Top of the Tower

    The Observation Deck at Skyspace LA in the US Bank Tower
    Photo © 2016 Kayte Deioma, licensed to

    Looking up at the 70th and 71st floors of the US Bank Tower from the Skyspace Observation Deck. Can you imagine holding your special event up there? It's available.

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    Skyspace Photo Station

    Your Skyslide captured for posterityat Skyspace LA
    Photo © 2016 Kayte Deioma, licensed to

    In addition to the photos they take on the Skyslide, there's another green screen photo opportunity where you can have a souvenir photo taken with the background of your choice. They're all available for purchase at the photo counter on the 69th floor.