Cocktails With A View At Skyfall Lounge At Delano Las Vegas

The View Is Impressive But The Drinks Will Keep You Coming Back

Skyfall Lounge at Delano Las Vegas
Zeke Quezada

The moment you take a glance at the view from Skyfall at Delano Las Vegas you are entranced by the lights, the horizon and the by the endless possibilities of a Las Vegas evening. The cocktails will come and the conversation will flow but that initial introduction to the skyline from the south end of the Las Vegas strip will dominate your memory of the cocktail lounge adjacent to Rivea at Delano Las Vegas.

While the view is impressive the overall design of the space is extremely attractive. Sit at the bar and the sheer size of it is comforting. It blends with the endless views. The large windows frame the view but they also lend to the wide open feeling in the room. The patio has attractive heating fixtures for the cooler months as well as comfortable lounge areas that coerce you into mingling.

Skyfall Lounge

3940 S Las Vegas Blvd

Las Vegas, NV 89119

Phone: 877.632.5400

Price Range:  Skyfall can get expensive simply because cocktails are not cheap in Las Vegas

Hours: Mon - Thu, Sun 5:00 PM - 12:00 AM

Fri - Sat 5:00 PM - 1:00 AM

Attire: Business Casual

What should  you expect:

The crowd at Skyfall varies depending on what is happening at the hotel. If there is a big conference in town you might expect  to see plenty of name tags and uncomfortable conversations. Weekends bring in a bit more of a Las Vegas nightlife crowd. Early evenings will have the pre dinner/theater crowd so if someone is sitting in your favorite spot out on the patio wait a few minutes and they will probably move on and free up a spot for you to camp out with a great view.

Must Haves At Skyfall Lounge Las Vegas

  • Harvest Moon (Rittenhouse rye / Avua cachaça ambruana / molé bitters / cacao nib-infused pear brandy / sweet vermouth) - Strength comes in different forms and this cocktail is a nod to feeling secure and solid. It is a rye based drink that manages to remind you of your presence in the surrounding space. I don’t want to call this a man’s drink but it makes me think about my father explaining the perfect cocktail to me and he would definitely label it as for a man. My wife would smirk at the thought of me writing that but like any good cocktail it makes you think about good memories and this drink makes me think about sitting at an old wood table with my father enjoying a little rye.
  • Sierra Aperitivo ( Grey Goose orange vodka / Apero / lChampagne selection Alain Ducasse) - I have to admit that I would never order this drink but my wife would. In fact she would order and I would take more than a couple of sips. I can’t order it becomes it lacks manliness but it is good. It sweet, effervescent. It’s a champagne cocktail that would go very well on the deck of a boat.
  • Gibson (Bombay dry gin / Dolin dry vermouth / pickled onion) - The classic cocktail that originated pre prohibition is simple yet elegant and placed before you with a view of the Las Vegas strip it frames the view just right.


Golden Hour 5 to 7

While you cannot see the sun go down from this spot ( you can from the rest room) sunset from high above the Las Vegas strip allows for some stunning views of the ever changing colors in the distant desert as well as the flipping of the switch of the lights on the Las Vegas strip. There are a few happy hour drink specials to consider but by no means make this a cheap destination.

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