Sky Jump at Stratosphere Las Vegas

Jump Off The Stratosphere Tower In Las Vegas

••• Photo Courtesy of SkyJump Las Vegas

If you look down you might just freak yourself out. If stand at the bottom and look up you you realize that you must be crazy for doing it. Don't think about and just buy your ticket an you'll soon realize that leaping off a huge tower on the Las Vegas strip is exactly what you want to do. The moment you step off the ledge you'll feel the adrenaline but it will not overwhelm you. The controlled descent actually allows you to take a long look into the distance and get a great view of the Las Vegas strip.

Sky Jump Las Vegas is one of those things that you have to do at least once. When you get to the bottom high five everyone you see because chances are they think you're crazy.

Does the idea jumping off the tower sound crazy to you? Maybe you just need a slightly less thrill from your Las Vegas thrill ride experience.  You can also experience Insanity, X-Scream and Big Shot at Stratosphere Tower Las Vegas. The thrill rides a high above the Las Vegas strip are a perfect attraction for the thrill seekers in your family or the group of adrenaline junkies you travel with.

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Sky Jump at Stratosphere Las Vegas
Stratosphere Las Vegas
2000 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV 89104

Contact Sky Jump Las Vegas: 800.99.TOWER

Sky Jump at Stratosphere Las Vegas Hours of Operation:
Jump Hours: 12pm - 7pm
Store Hours: 10am - 10pm
Weather is a factor in operating hours so check with the box office, (702) 946- 7000

Ticket Information for the Sky Jump at Stratosphere Las Vegas:
$109.99 Per Jump
Minimum age is 14 years old
Package Prices for Sky Jump Las Vegas
Package 1: Jump/DVD $119.99: In addition to the jump, get a DVD recording of the event.
Package 2: Jump/DVD/PHOTO $129.99: Includes one jump, a DVD record of the event and a photo of the high flyer.

Package 3: Jump/T-Shirt/DVD $130.99: Your jump comes with one T-shirt plus a DVD documenting the event.

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The Sky Jump at Stratosphere Las Vegas

Why would anyone want to leap off the top of a tower and head straight down to the Las Vegas Strip? Maybe the question I should be asking is why wouldn’t you? 829 feet of decelerated freefall and you are treated to an adrenaline rush that only Las Vegas can give you. This is not the same as hitting on 16 with your mortgage on the table or the exhilarating feeling you get after a long night at the Las Vegas nightclubs, this is pure adrenaline.

The jumper at Sky Jump Las Vegas is fitted with a Stratosphere jump suit and then harnessed to a high speed descender machine. The cables that are attached to your harness allow you to take a leap off the tower and rocket your way to the bottom as your speed is controlled so as to not ruin your vacation with a hard thump. You jump and then you float down like a flying squirrel and then friends buy you drinks for the remainder of the trip.

If you have reservations about Sky Jump Las Vegas spend a little time watching the way everyone involved is very safety conscious. Every piece of equipment gets checked multiple times and they talk you though every step of the process.

Watch other jumpers and you'll get an idea of what you have decided to do. While it is not natural to leap off a tower high in the air above the Las Vegas strip it is safe.

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