Sky Harbor Airport Connection to METRO Light Rail

PHX Sky Train at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

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Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

3400 E Sky Harbor Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85034, USA
Phone +1 602-273-3300

METRO light rail began regular service in Phoenix in December 2008. Sky Harbor International Airport developed a bus shuttle service to connect passengers going to and from the Phoenix airport with METRO Light Rail. Beginning in April 2013, a people mover replaced the buses.

Connecting From Sky Harbor Airport to METRO Light Rail

The PHX Sky Train connects passengers to METRO Light Rail. This people-mover transports people between METRO light rail at 44th Street and Washington, the East Economy parking lot, Terminal 4, and Terminal 3.

Terminal 2 and the Rental Car Center

The Rental Car Center will be added to the PHX Sky Train route in a future phase. Right now, shuttle buses will transport people between the Rental Car Center and the airport terminals.

The great majority of Sky Harbor Airports' passengers use either Terminal 3 or Terminal 4 (there's no Terminal 1). If you are arriving at Terminal 2 and you want to get to Terminal 3 or 4 or to the Light Rail station you'll take the covered walkway at the end of baggage claim to Terminal 3. On Level 2, on the end where Sbarro's and Bowtie Bar & Grill are located, you can access the PHX Sky Train to get to those other terminals.

The walk from Terminal 2 to Terminal 3 takes about five minutes (about four blocks, less than 1/4 mile). It is covered, but not air-conditioned. There are electric carts operating for those that have difficulty with the walk. Of course, plan for the extra time and distance from wherever you start to get to the T2 walkway (West Economy Park & Walk or T2 Garage or T2 Terminal Baggage claim, and the extra time/distance to wherever you are going at T3 (ticket counters, gates).

Note: If your departure airport is Phoenix Sky Harbor, and you are leaving out of Terminal 2, your best bet for on-airport parking is right at Terminal 2 or walk from the West Economy Park & Walk.

The PHX Sky Train and METRO Light Rail Connection

If your destination is somewhere along the 20-mile long METRO Light Rail alignment, you can get there without having to pay for a taxi or renting a car.

  • For Terminal 2 baggage claim, walk to Terminal 3, go to Level 2 (where the gates and shops are). The PHX Sky Train access is near the restaurants, which is the opposite end from the parking garage.
  • For Terminal 3, go to Level 2.
  • At Terminal 4 go to Level 3 (where the gates and shops are) and board the PHX Sky Train.
  • The PHX Sky Train will take you to the 44th Street and Washington METRO Light Rail stop.
  • The PHX Sky Train is free. To ride the METRO, you need to pay the fare.
  • METRO runs from about 5 a.m. to midnight daily, later on weekends.

Tip: If you are going to the Rental Car Center, the PHX Sky Train will not take you there. Sky Harbor has shuttle buses that take people to the Rental Car Center.

10 Things to Know About the PHX Sky Train

  • There is no charge to use the PHX Sky Train.
  • The current route takes less than five minutes.
  • The PHX Sky Train is electrically-powered. There are no human operators on the train.
  • It operates 24 hours per day (even though METRO Light Rail does not), 365 days per year.
  • You won't have to wait more than four minutes for the next train.
  • East Economy Parking and the 44th Street METRO station offer Early Bag Check for travelers checking bags on Southwest or US Airways flights. There is no additional charge for that service.
  • PHX Sky Train stations have boarding pass kiosks.
  • A cell phone lot has been added at the 44th St. METRO Light Rail station.
  • In its final stage of construction, the people mover will continue to the Rental Car Center.
  • PHX Sky Train received Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certification from the US Green Building Council.
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