Ski Trip From Las Vegas

I used to ski regularly at a hill that saw far more duct tape on ski clothing than Gore-Tex. One main lift that was questionable at best would get you to the top and a few rickety double chairs would help you accumulate the vertical. There is nothing quite like hitting up the snack bar for some water and a candy bar only to see that the toboggan of snow that doubles as a display case has been wiped clean by the early birds.

Local mountains define skiing and the possibility of capturing a perfect line down some fresh stash in the trees seems to always be present.

This winter, when you head to Las Vegas, you should consider including a few ski days into your vacation. There is never a bad time to get in some turns even if you are in Las Vegas. Here is a list of those ski resorts near Las Vegas and all within an easy driving distance to the Las Vegas strip:

Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard – Distance to the Las Vegas Strip – 9 miles
Get up after a long night and you can get from the Las Vegas strip to the lifts in about 30 minutes. This is the closest ski area to the Las Vegas strip and while it may not be a huge resort it will help you satisfy that urge to make a few turns. If you need to ski or snowboard while in Las Vegas this is where you’re going to do it.

Las Vegas Ski Resort Info:
11 trails
4 lifts
Vertical Drop : 860 ft.

Skiable Acres: 40 acres

Brian Head Ski Area– Distance to the Las Vegas Strip – 204 miles
Brian Head is close enough to Las Vegas that you can make it a quick day trip. They have a great kids program and plenty of other winter activities to keep the non-sliders occupied.

Brian Head Resort Info:
65 trails
9 lifts
Vertical Drop: 1707 ft.

Skiable Acres: 650 Acres

Bear Mountain Resorts – Distance to the Las Vegas Strip – 211 Miles
Located in the San Bernardino Mountains just an hour east of Los Angeles snowboarders will love the many opportunities to grind, slide, jump and whatever else those crazy kids are doing these days. Snow summit resort has a fun family park and Bear Mountain is a Mecca for snowboarders.

Bear Mountain Resorts Info:
55 trails
26 lifts
Vertical Drop: 1700 ft.
Skiable Area: 438 Acres

Eagle Point Ski Area – Distance to the Las Vegas Strip – 244 miles
Utah‘s newest ski resort gives you another option from Las Vegas. Eagle Point is a couple of hours north of Las Vegas and it offers a shot at some of that Utah dry powder to drop into. If you can understand the concept of a boutique ski resort, I think you’ll appreciate the scale of Eagle Point Ski Area.

Eagle Point Ski Area Info:
40 trails
5 lifts
Vertical Drop: 1,500 ft
Skiable Area: 600 acres

Mammoth Mountain – Distance to the Las Vegas Strip – 312 Miles
Get to the top of the gondola and look straight down and you know what adrenaline feels like. Sure it is a bit of a drive from Las Vegas but you have to know that Mammoth Mountain will satisfy every craving you have whether you are on skis or a snowboard.


Mammoth Mountain Ski Area Info:
150 trails
28 lifts
Vertical Drop: 3100 ft.
Skiable Area: 3,500 acres

Park City Ski Resort 404 – Distance to the Las Vegas Strip – 424 Miles
You have to really want to ski and snowboard to decide to make the trek to Park City but you will not be disappointed when you get there. Choose from Park City Mountain Resort, Deer Valley Ski Area or the Canyons Resort.

Park City Ski Area Info:
114 trails
16 lifts
Vertical Drop: 3100 ft.
Skiable Area: 3,300 acres


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