5 Best Ski Resorts in Quebec

Find the Perfect Run Near Montreal

There are over 80 Quebec area ski resorts and they all offer a variety of runs, special events, and services. Some are ideal for a relaxed Sunday in the mountains and others are better for those looking for a party. Among them are a handful of runs that are difficult enough to humble expert skiers and some resorts even offer night skiing if you want to try hitting the slopes after dark.

If you are new to the Quebec ski scene, consider trying out these Quebec ski resorts. Each one has its own appeal and all have been vetted and recommended by an experienced skier.

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Mont Tremblant

Quebec ski resorts among the best near Montreal? Mont Tremblant is up there.
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On this mountain, skiers come for the slopes but stay for the scene. The poster child of Quebec's ski scene, Mont Tremblant has been voted the top ski resort in Eastern North America many times over. It's the place to ski and be seen skiing. In addition to the party vibes and après-ski options, the mountain is also family-friendly. However, because the area is so popular, this is one of the more expensive ski resorts in Quebec and the lines can get long.

As for the mountain itself, it might not be the highest one in the region but the slopes can be as steep as 42 degrees. Despite some steep runs, Tremblant is still an ideal mountain for beginners and immediate skiers and overall, a great spot for tourists with a vibrant snow scene.

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Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc is easily climbed by experienced mountaineers.

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Not to be confused with the mountain in Europe that goes by the same name, Quebec's Mont Blanc is the second highest mountain in the Laurentians and is considerably more affordable than Mont Tremblant, which is just 10 kilometers away.

Unlike Tremblant, Mont Blanc has double diamond runs and many challenging trails in spite of its smaller scale. While it's a top-notch resort for beginners, with six slopes for novices, more experienced skiers should still give it a try.

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Le Massif

Quebec ski resorts near Montreal include Le Massif de Charlevoix.

Le Massif de Charlevoix

Less than two hours from Quebec City and a five-hour drive from Montreal, Le Massif is worth waking up early for. Lift prices can be on the high side, but the trails and views are hard to beat.

For serious skiers, Le Massif offers a serious challenge. One of the toughest trails, Le Massif's La Charlevoix trail is a triple diamond feat and the only elite athlete training run in Canada east of the Rockies. The vertical drop of the slope combined with the view of the ocean gives skiers the illusion of skiing straight into the sea. It's a dangerous run, so you will have to get the approval of staff before stepping up to the challenge. There are also several intermediate trails and eight novice runs for less experienced skiers.

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Mont Saint-Sauveur

Mont Saint-Sauveur
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Less than an hour from Montreal, ski resort Mont Saint-Sauveur is a popular choice with city-dwellers. Surrounding the slopes, there is a great social vibe at this resort and many local Quebecois can be found on a weekend getaway in a nearby condo. If your ski trip priority is to immerse yourself in the world of après-ski and fine dining, you'll find lots of great options here like the local favorite Gibby's Steakhouse.

As far as skiing goes, this is a great place for beginners, families, and night skiers. The runs are fairly straightforward and there are a few diamond runs better suited to intermediate skiers.

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Mont Orford

Quebec ski resorts among the best near Montreal include Mont Orford.

Mont Orford

A two-hour drive from Montreal, Mont Orford has a lot of variety to satisfy skiers of all skill levels. The trails are long and challenging with picturesque views. They can go from meandering in one moment to steep and moguled in the next. While beginners love the four-kilometer run, experts can join them and opt for some double diamond shortcuts along the way, so everyone has a good time.

Intermediate trails also offer a solid challenge with rocks, cliffs, narrow glades, and double fall lines. There are still many heart-pumping runs to be had for the daredevils out there to enjoy.