Ski Fashion Tips and Choosing the Right Clothing

Ideas for Cute and Functional Ski Outfits

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Choosing your ski clothing can be just as fun as your time on the slopes! The ski fashion industry has really come into its own, and there are many brands that sell ski clothing and are also fun, trendy and waterproof and windproof. With a bit of time, you can find a ski jacket that will look great during your winter errands or aprés ski activities, and also serve you well on the slopes. Here are some ski clothing fashion tips to get your search started!

Decide What Look You're Going For

There's more than one way to be fashionable on the slopes. If you're an outdoorsy athlete with a ski-centric perspective, you'll probably want to stick to serious, solid colors (black, navy blue, burgundy, forest green) that suggest you're all about skiing. If you're a fashionista with a mindset that's more glam, keep an eye out for metallics (silvery ski pants are quite popular, as are ivory) and prints (animal print is another popular choice). Of course, there's tons of way to convert your street style to ski style. You just have to be creative!

Get a Ski Jacket That's Versatile

A good ski fashion choice is to pick a jacket that you could wear off the slopes, too. While you need to make sure the brand is still suitable for snow sports, many technical ski wear companies are starting to make jackets with flattering fits and modern designs. (Fortunately, the ski-suit onesie went out of style many years ago!.) If you keep your eye out for a jacket that will serve you both on the slopes and off, you'll save yourself a lot of money and time.

Keep in Mind Aprés Ski

Versatility comes into play regarding your layers, too. You should always dress in layers when you're skiing: a base layer, a mid-layer (like a fleece), and then your waterproof outerwear. That way, if the temperature fluctuates, you'll be prepared. If you're on a ski vacation, though, bringing a bunch of layers doesn't bode well in terms of packing light. But, if you bring pieces that you can wear skiing, and then out for aprés ski drinks or to a casual dinner, you'll have a lot less to stuff in that suitcase. For example, a slim-fit zip-up fleece or vest works well for a mountain casual look. There are many mid-layers that can double-up as aprés ski attire, too.

Coordinate With Your Skis and Ski Boots

A good ski outfit doesn't have to match your skis exactly, but loud, contrasting colors can be a real eyesore. Although neons have become quite popular, especially among the freestyle ski crowd, choose your outfit with tact, keeping in mind what your equipment looks like when you're purchasing your ski jackets and pants. If you usually rent skis, you don't have to worry too much, as rental skis tend to be pretty subdued, usually using a color scheme of black, silver, and sometimes blue or red.

Accessorize With Your Goggles

There are tons of ski goggles on the market, and many have really fun patterns and colors that can easily jazz up your ski outfit. If you want to keep your ski jacket and pants more basic or toned down, using your goggles as an accessory is a fun way to add some spunk to your outfit without going overboard. When choosing goggles, though, remember that the goggle lens color affects your vision on the slopes.

Play With Patterns and Prints

If you like patterns and prints, there's a lot of ways to mix and match! Choose just one patterned piece of your ski wardrobe, and coordinate around it. For example, a pair of print ski pants will go with multiple colors of jackets. In parallel, a patterned ski jacket usually matches many colors of ski pants.

Don't Forget About Basic Colors

Although prints have become popular recently, basic colors can be fashionable, too. An all-black outfit comprised of a well-fitting jacket and pants is a very dependable, yet flattering, combination. White is another option; a red jacket with white pants is a very chic choice! There are many ways to mix and match solid colors if prints just aren't your thing.

Fashion and Function Are Important

It's fun to dress fashionably on the slopes, but fashion should never trump function. Make sure your ski clothes keep you warm, dry and safe. If your favorite ski jacket is super cute when you try it on, but is just too tight around the shoulders or isn't waterproof or windproof, opt for something more dependable. A ski day can be easily ruined by clothes that just can't withstand winter temperatures, and it's not worth sacrificing a good time for a good outfit.

Remember, Safety First!

Another thing to keep in mind is that although you have plenty of leeway in terms of your ski clothes, your options for ski accessories is a lot more limited. For example, no matter how fashionable your favorite winter hat and scarf set might be, they are not ski-appropriate. A hat does not protect your head in case you fall, and a scarf can get tangled on a chairlift or fly in your face when you're skiing. It's imperative that you wear a helmet and a gaiter, instead of a hat and a scarf, in order to ensure skier safety.

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