Skating Montreal's Parc Maisonneuve

Outdoor Ice Skating at Parc Maisonneuve

Skating Montreal's Parc Maisonneuve's ice rink is a treat for speed demons.
Photo courtesy of Ville de Montréal © Alain Chagnon

Ice Skating at Parc Maisonneuve

While it's not the most centrally located Montreal ice skating destination, Parc Maisonneuve's skating surface is a speed skater's dream given its size. Even on a busy day, there's still enough space on the ice to glide more or less unhindered. If you've ever been stuck on a packed rink, you know what I'm talking about. Avoiding potential pileups with constant maneuvering via swerves and stop-starts to avoid bumping into fellow skaters has its skill-honing charms. But sometimes, you just want to glide.

Really fast.

A skate at Parc Maisonneuve also offers up the perfect excuse to tack on a visit to the Montreal Botanical Garden's tropical greenhouses and the Insectarium, which both neighbor the park. Cross the street to spend some time in the Olympic Park's winter village, Biodome and Planetarium.


Skating Season in Montreal: December to March

Outdoor skating season in Montreal is usually from mid-December to mid-March. Parc Maisonneuve's rinks should be open by mid-December 2016 and stay open until at least the first week of March 2017. But every ice skating season is contingent on weather conditions, which obviously vary every year. So if you're planning a skate session before the end of December or after mid-March (especially if you want to rent skates on location), do yourself a favor and call 311 before showing up to make sure the rink and rental office are open.

And even if it is skating season, it's always always best to check ice rink conditions online before making any plans.


Location: 4601 Sherbrooke East, Montréal, Québec H1X 2B1 
Neighborhood: Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve
Getting There: Pie-IX Metro
Hours: changing room and bathrooms are open from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. but only when the rink is operational
Admission: free
Services: bathrooms, changing room, lockers, vending machines
INFO: call 311

Note that Parc Maisonneuve's hours of operation are subject to change without notice.