Crazy Rides at Six Flags White Water

Atlanta-area Water Park Is Loaded with Thrills

Six Flags White Water park in Georgia

Six Flags

As ​a huge water park, Six Flags White Water Atlanta offers relief from the heat and humidity. It also features wild thrills and fun on its water slides and other attractions. Let's take a look at some of its wackier rides, which are listed below. In addition to the more thrilling attractions, the park offers some toned-down and more standard water park features, such as a wave pool, a couple of interactive water play areas, a lilypad crossing, and a lazy river.

Note that White Water Atlanta (which is actually located in Marietta, Georgia) is not part of a Six Flags amusement park as is the case with most of the chain's other water parks (although Six Flags Over Georgia is located a few miles away). Note also that the park can get mighty crowded on a hot summer day. You might want to spring for a Flash Pass, which would virtually hold your place in line while you enjoy the rest of the park.

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Python Plunge

Python Plunge water slide at Six Flags White Water

Six Flags

For the 2020 season, Six Flags White Water will supposed to debut Python Plunge, a five-story water slide. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, construction was delayed. It is now scheduled to open for the 2021 season. The attraction will feature round “flying saucer” discs into which passengers in two-person rafts will spin along their outer edges. It will also include multiple drops.

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Dive Bomber

Dive Bomber Six Flags Atlanta
Six Flags

The craziness begins by entering a launch capsule. After a nerve-wracking countdown, the bottom of the capsule opens and releases riders into an almost vertical drop that is more than 100 feet tall. This is the tallest water slide at Six Flags White Water Atlanta. While the park doesn't offer stats about speed, it's highly likely that Dive Bomber is also the park's fastest ride.

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Tornado Six Flags White Water
Six Flags

Riders pile into four-passenger cloverleaf tubes, shoot down a darkened tunnel and emerge inside a funnel that's been tipped on its side. The tubes soar back and forth along the sides of the funnel and delivering some nice pops of airtime before being ejected out the bottom into a splash pool.

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Typhoon Twister

Typhoon Twister Six Flags water park ride
Six Flags

Typhoon Twister also uses four-passenger cloverleaf tubes and also begins by barreling down a darkened tunnel. Instead of entering a funnel, however, riders brave a giant bowl. They get swished around for a few cycles before getting unceremoniously dumped out the bottom into a splash pool.

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Dragon's Tail

Dragon's Tail Six Flags White Water
Six Flags

These twin speed slides have a triple-down configuration. Instead of heading straight to the bottom, there are humps that send passengers slightly airborne before resuming the journey.

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Wahoo Racer

Wahoo Racer Six Flags White Water
Six Flags

Wahoo Racer combines the thrills of competition, speed, and lights-out fun in one attraction. Six passengers climb aboard water toboggans, enter covered tubes that wind them around in the dark, and end on a straightaway to see who finishes first.

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Run-A-Way River

Run-A-Way River Six Flags
Six Flags

It's a family raft ride gone bonkers. Gangs of passengers in circular rafts accelerate and spin in the dark as they make their way down the Run-A-Way River. It's hard to know which way is forward on the disorienting ride.

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Gulf Coast Screamer

Gulf Coast Screamer Six Flags
Six Flags

The single-passenger tubes really pick up some speed as they careen down and around the winding course. But the biggest thrill comes at the end of the ride when the tubes lift off into the air four feet above the water before crash landing into the splash pool. 

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Escape Chute/ Secret Passage

Escape Chute/ Secret Passage Six Flags
Six Flags

A unique hybrid ride that combines the thrills of a water slide with a not-so-lazy river ride. The course alternates between a downhill course and a river powered by a fast-moving current. Six Flags lifeguards are stationed in the water to give the rafts an assist as they transition between the downhill and river segments.

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Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle Six Flags
Six Flags

The thrills on the two-passenger ride are all the scarier whenever the tubes enter the dark, enclosed "Bermuda Triangle" sections. 

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Black River Falls

Black River Falls Six Flags
Six Flags

Like the Bermuda Triangle, a ride aboard Black River Falls is all the more freaky because much of it is spent careening down enclosed tubes in pitch black darkness.

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Caribbean Plunge

Caribbean Plunge water slide at Six Flags White Water

Six Flags

Dropping 50 feet in three seconds, Six Flags characterizes the speed slide as the fastest ride in the park. Instead of a more typical body slide, Caribbean Plunge features two-person rafts and an extra-wide slide.

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