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Among Six Flags' claim to fame are the Looney Tunes characters, whirling rides, the DC Comics superheroes, and soak-inducing water rides. But more than anything else, the thrill-centric theme parks are known for their wild roller coasters. Before guests even get in the gates, the screams from coaster riders fill the air, and the Six Flags coasters that pierce the parks' skylines get guests' adrenaline pumping. Get the lowdown on some of the highlights with this collection of reviews of Six Flags roller coaster rides.
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    Six Flags America
    Mitchellville, MD (near Washington, D.C.)

    Inside the Beltway, politicians are fond of using roller coasters as an analogy for everything from the state of the economy to the fate of candidates' campaigns. Just outside the Beltway, Six Flags America offers some real roller coasters to help beleaguered citizens escape the Washington doublespeak. And what great coasters!

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    Six Flags Magic Mountain
    Valencia, CA (about 30 miles north of Los Angeles)

    Originally, the park's theme had something to do with cute gnomes that lived in a Magic Mountain. After Six Flags came on the scene, it threw out the gnomes, pumped up the testosterone, and created what it has dubbed the "Xtreme" park. Six Flags Magic Mountain now has one of the world's largest--and white-knuckle-inducing--arsenals of coasters.

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    Six Flags New England
    Agawam, MA (near Springfield, MA and Hartford, CT)

    As with most Six Flags parks, the focus here is on coasters and thrill rides. And when it comes to coasters, Six Flags New England boasts what I believe is the world's absolute finest: the Bizarro hypercoaster.

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    • Bizarro- hypercoaster. A top-rated coaster.
    • Batman--The Dark Knight floorless coaster
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    The Great Escape (a Six Flags park) Roller Coaster Rides

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    The Great Escape
    Queensbury, New York (near Lake George)

    Unlike most of the other properties in the Six Flags chain (although it's not an official Six Flags branded theme park), The Great Escape has maintained much of the sweet charm of its humble 1950s origins as a family-run storybook-themed attraction. Goosy Gander, Humpty Dumpty, and a quaint Old West Ghost Town are still here in all their kitschy glory to charm today's kids and rekindle nostalgic memories for their parents and grandparents. Shoehorned, sometimes incongruously, are roller coasters and other rides to keep thrill-seekers happy. Thrill-seekers have plenty to be happy about with The Comet.

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    • The Comet wood coaster
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    Six Flags Great Adventure
    Jackson, New Jersey

    One of Six Flags' signature properties, Great Adventure generally has more guests clicking its turnstiles than any of the other parks in the chain. Among the reasons for its success: Its prime locale puts it within easy traveling distance of the heavily populated New York/New Jersey/Pennsylvania area, and it features some kick-ass coasters.

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