Six Flags Magic Mountain - Visiting Magic Mountain

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    Six Flags Magic Mountain - Overview

    Six Flags Magic Mountain
    ••• Six Flags Magic Mountain. Kayte Deioma

    Six Flags Magic Mountain, one of the top Los Angeles theme parks, is supercoaster central. Teens view it as a rite of passage when they are not only tall enough, but also brave enough to ride Magic Mountain's monster rides. According to Trip Savvy's Theme Parks expert, Arthur Levine, it has two of the top 10 fastest roller coasters in the world and with a whopping 19 roller coasters to its name, Six Flags Magic Mountain can boast that it has more roller coasters than any theme park on the planet.

    Six Flags was threatening to close the park in 2006, but the community banded together and succeeded in keeping Magic Mountain open. Since then the management has been working on cleaning up the run down image and better enforcing security to keep line jumpers and other trouble-makers under control to create a more family-friendly environment and recent visits to the park confirm that they have succeeded.

    Always keeping an eye toward the future, the park is in constant development either...MORE introducing new rides or updating older legacy rides with new technology and designs. The iconic Colossus wooden coaster (once the fastest and tallest in the world) has reemerged as Twisted Colossus, a redesign incorporating steel-rails, barrel rolls, and a near-vertical drop. Also revamped with new technology is the once groundbreaking Revolution (the world’s first coaster to feature a vertical loop), now relaunched as New Revolution, sporting Samsung Gear VR headsets, powered by Oculus, to create a 360-degree, 3D experience while riding. The headsets are optional and have an age requirement of 13 years old.

    Brand new in summer 2017 is Justice League: Battle for Metropolis, a next-generation state-of-the-art video game that you can ride. Wearing 3D glasses, riders blast through a shoot-em-up against Lex Luthor and The Joker’s henchmen and various weaponry. Riding on a smooth track, the multi-car transport combines with 3D technology and high-speed animation to create a truly exciting experience that ramps up in intensity through the duration of the ride. Enjoyment is not limited to those already steeped in Justice League lore as the plotline is thoroughly explained in the various anterooms. A parental advisory about the violent nature of the ride-game should be posted, but is not anywhere to be seen.

    The new ride can be seen as a culmination of the ever-present superhero theme that is expressed throughout the park. Older medium-thrill carnival-type rides have been rebranded as Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth and The Flash Speed Force, which, along with maximum thrill coasters Batman and Riddler’s Revenge, piped-in superhero theme music. Both DC Comics and Marvel branded artwork immerse park-goers in the superhero themes through all corners of Magic mountain. You can even bring a superhero cape or buy one when you enter. It’s well implemented fun that complements the excitement of the rides and other attractions.

    For 2018 the world's tallest pendulum ride, CraZanity will be coming to the park in an all-new So Cal Beach Boardwalk area, which will also include enhanced bumper cars and other renovated attractions.

    Throughout the year, the park hosts seasonal events. Magic Mountain Fright Fest is a seasonal Halloween event adding additional thrills. In 2014 the park inaugurated the Christmas attraction, Holiday in the Park.


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    Visiting Magic Mountain - The Basics - Location - Tickets - Hours

    Six Flags Magic Mountain
    ••• Jeff Turner/Flickr/Creative Commons

    Location: 26101 Magic Mountain Pkwy
    Valencia, CA‎ 91355
    (northeast of Los Angeles off Interstate 5)
    Map it
    Phone: (661) 255-4100
    Hours Open daily spring break through Labor Day. Open weekends in winter. Hours vary depending on day and season. Beginning January 1, 2018, Magic Mountain will be open 365 days a year.
    Admission: See website for current admission and specials, web specials are usually lower than gate prices. For an extra fee (sometimes more than admission) you can bypass the line on some rides.
    Note: Season passes include admission to all Six Flags Theme Parks across the country, but a Combo Pass is needed to include neighboring Six Flags Hurricane Harbor.
    Discounts: Magic Mountain admission is included in the Go Los Angeles Card

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    Six Flags Magic Mountain Rides by Thrill Level and Height Requirement

    Twisted Colossus at Magic Mountain
    ••• Twisted Colossus at Magic Mountain. Six Flags Magic Mountain

    Maximum Thrill

    54" Minimum
    Batman the Ride - suspended coaster
    Full Throttle - three different launches and a 160-foot loop
    The Riddler's Revenge - stand-up coaster
    Scream - floorless inversion coaster
    Tatsu - face-down flying coaster
    Viper - looping coaster

    52" Minimum
    Green Lantern: First Flight - all vertical track with a car that flips you 360 degrees with sttep rises and falls.

    48" Minimum
    Apocalypse - high speed coaster with a 95-foot drop
    Dive Devil - free fall sky dive ride (additional fee)
    Goliath - 225-foot drop and super fast
    The New Revolution - the world's first 360-degree vertical loop
    Superman: Escape from Krypton - shoots backwards 100 mph up a 415' tower, then drops
    Twisted Colossus - the world's longest hybrid helix coaster
    X2 - dive, flip and twist at high speed while spinning 360 degrees

    44" Minimum 
    Sling Shot - catapult ride (additional fee)

    42" Minimum 
    ​Lex Luther: Drop of Doom - 415-foot high-speed drop ride

    Moderate Thrill

    48" Minimum
    ​Justic...MOREe League: Battle for Metropolis - 4D interactive gaming ride (48" solo, 42" with adult, PG for violence)

    42" Minimum
    Grinder Gearworks
    Jet Stream - water coaster
    Ninja - suspended coaster that swings side to side too
    Tidal Wave - boat plunge
    Wonder woman Lasso of Truth - centrifugal spin ride

    Mild Thrill

    48" Minimum 
    Goldrusher - the park's first roller coaster
    Scrambler - whirly ride (36" with an adult, 48" alone)

    42" Minimum
    The Flash Speed Force - fast cars around a circular track
    Roaring Rapids - whitewater ride
    Sandblasters - bumper cars (42" with adult, 54" to drive)
    Swashbuckler - chair swing ride

    36" Minimum 
    Road Runner Express - family coaster
    Scrambler (with an adult, 48" alone)
    Speedy Gonzales Hot Rod Racers (36" with adult, 42" alone)

    33" Minimum Height with Adult
    Canyon Blaster mini roller coaster, (36" to ride alone)

    Kiddie Rides

    These rides have no minimum height for children with an adult, but the following limits for kids riding alone.

    Whistlestop Train

    Buccaneer -  boat swing
    Elmer's Weather Balloons
    Pepe Le Pew's Tea Party (59" maximum)
    Taz's Trucking Co.
    Yosemite Sam's Flight School

    Daffy's Adventure Tours
    Foghorn Leghorn's Barn and Railway - mini train
    Grand American Carousel
    Merrie Melodies Carousel
    Sylvester's Pounce and Bounce

    No minimum to ride alone
    The Looney Tunes Lodge Fun Zone
    Magic Flyer - a train-themed junior coaster (54" maximum)
    Tweety's Escape

    58" Minimum Height & 18-years old to drive
    Cyclone 500 - auto racing,(additional fee) (40" minimum for passenger)

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    Tips for Visiting Six Flags Magic Mountain

    Justice League: Battle for Metropolis ride at Magic Mountain
    ••• Justice League: Battle for Metropolis ride at Magic Mountain. Six Flags Magic Mountain

    When to Visit - The busiest times for Magic Mountain are obviously summer weekends and school holidays. You'll find the park less crowded mid-week, especially in the spring before school gets out. However, you're more likely to find rides closed for maintenance in the off season.

    THE FLASH Pass is an electronic reservation device that you can rent that will allow you to make one reservation at a time for specific rides for up to 6 people. Some passes allow only one reservation on the most popular rides, but you can reserve and ride other rides more than once. You can ride any time after your reservation time.

    There are three levels of THE FLASH Pass.

    • The regular THE FLASH Pass saves your place in line for you while you go do something else, based on the actual wait time when you make the reservation - then let's you know when it's almost your turn to ride, so you can go straight to the reservation line. 
    • The Gold Flash Pass actually lets you cut ahead in line, cutting wait...MORE time by about 50%.
    • The Platinum THE FLASH Pass can cut your wait time as much as 90% and includes more ride reservations.  

    There are a limited number of THE FLASH Passes available each day and prices vary depending on the number in your group, the number of rides and the day. It may cost as much as $10 or more per person per ride for the Fast Pass, but it could save you up to 2 hours waiting in line per ride, allowing you to ride a lot more rides. The rides for which the Flash Pass can be used vary, so check the schedule at the park before you purchase to be sure the rides you want are accessible by Flash Pass on that day. Fast Passes cannot be purchased in advance.

    TIP: Since you can only make one reservation at a time, you have to wait until after your first reservation time passes before you can make your next reservation. If you make reservations early in the day, when the lines are short, you can make your next reservation as soon as that reservation time is up, and use all those reservations much later in the day when the lines are long and still walk up to the reservation line, since they're good any time after the reservation time. You can make reservations from anywhere in the park, so you can keep making those reservations while you ride other rides that aren't on the reservation system. 

    Annual Passes - Even if you are not planning to visit Magic Mountain until summer, keep an eye on winter specials, especially annual Thrill Pass and Combo Pass offers. Even if you are only planning to visit for one day, the extra bonuses like companion passes and food discounts that come with the Play Pass can be worthwhile when it costs the same as one day's admission. If you live near a different Six Flags theme park, you might consider buying their annual pass, which will also get you in to Magic Mountain, but will give you other benefits closer to home for the rest of the year.

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    More Tips for Visiting Six Flags Magic Mountain

    Batman the Ride
    ••• Batman the Ride. Jeremy Thompson/Flickr/Creative Commons

    Buy Online - If you are purchasing last-minute single day tickets, you should still purchase them online if possible, as the online prices for adult tickets are usually significantly less than the gate price. Use your hotel business center, concierge or front desk to print your e-tickets before you head to the park.

    The VIP Experience - If you have unlimited money to spend and are traveling with a minimum of four people, the VIP Experience gets you into both Magic Mountain and Hurricane Harbor, a private tour, front of the line access to rides and shows, lunch, dinner and snacks all day as well as a souvenir photo and priority parking.

    Spread out your visit - Spending a whole day in line can be overwhelming. If you're spending a week in LA, you might consider staying in a hotel near Magic Mountain for a few days. Walk (there are several hotels within a 15 minute walk) or take a hotel shuttle to the park first thing in the morning and ride a few rides before the lines get too long....MORE Then spend your afternoons visiting LA's other attractions (e.g. half hour to Hollywood in off-peak traffic).