Kick-Ass Coasters and More at Six Flags Great Adventure

El Toro coaster at Six Flags
Six Flags

One of Six Flags' signature properties, Great Adventure generally has more guests clicking its turnstiles than any of the other parks in the chain. Among the reasons for its success: Its prime locale puts it within easy traveling distance of the heavily populated New York/New Jersey/Pennsylvania area. And it features some kick-ass coasters (and a whole bunch of them as well).

In 2005, it took the crown for the world's tallest, fastest thrill machine when it debuted the rocket coaster, Kingda Ka. It has since relinquished the speed crown, but it is still the tallest coaster on the planet. Also included in Six Flags’ impressive collection: the wonderful hypercoaster, Nitro, the flying coaster, Superman Ultimate Flight, and the floorless coaster, Bizarro. The unique ride, El Toro, is a new-age wooden coaster that is among the best anywhere.

Another extreme thrill ride is  Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom. The record-breaking (and, perhaps, pants-wetting) freefall tower ride uses Kinda Ka's 456-foot-tall tower to drop its brave riders.

But the park is more than just an array of thrill rides. It also offers some extensive themeing and elaborate shows and attractions geared more for families with younger children. The Golden Kingdom that surrounds Kingda Ka, for example, offers a jungle-themed stage show and Balin's Jungleland, a sprawling area packed with rides, an interactive play structure, and a sprayground. Other areas geared for children include Looney Tunes Seaport, Plaza del Carnaval, and Bugs Bunny National Park.

Six Flags Wild Safari, which is included in the cost of park admission, offers an impressive animal habitat that guests experience aboard a large, open-air bus. The Hurricane Harbor water park (which requires a separate admission) has enough water slides and rides to fill an entire day of fun.

With about 3 million guests visiting the seasonal park each season, the lines can become overbearing. If you have the resources, and you're planning to visit during prime time, you may want to consider purchasing the Flash Pass ride reservation transponder. If you really want to splurge, the park also offers a VIP skip-all-the-lines pass as well as guided tours.

Jersey Devil coaster rendering at Six Flags Great Adventure
Six Flags

The Latest Rides and Attractions

  • The single-rail ride, Jersey Devil Coaster, debuted in June 2021. As its name implies, a single rail coaster features one rail (instead of the typical two rails) on which the trains travel. By using one rail, the coaster is able to deliver remarkably smooth rides and can perform abrupt transitions between elements. The two single-rail coasters open in California and Texas have been garnering highly enthusiastic reviews, so the anticipation is high for Jersey Devil.
  • The world’s tallest pendulum ride, Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth, debuted in 2019. It reaches a top height of 172 feet and a speed of 75 mph.
  • For 2018, Six Flags introduced Cyborg Cyber Spin, a gyroscope-style ride that is as wild to watch as it is to ride.
  • In 2017, Six Flags Great Adventure opened the sophisticated interactive dark ride, Justice League: Battle for Metropolis.

What's to Eat?

There isn't anything especially noteworthy about Great Adventure's dining options. Instead, the park offers the usual assortment of food, including burgers, fries, and pizza. Chain offerings include Johnny Rockets, and Rita's Water Ice. Among the more intriguing choices are Kingdom Gyro, which offers the signature Greek sandwiches, Ichiban Tea House, which features sushi and bubble tea, Mac Attack, which dishes out gourmet mac and cheese, and Macho Nacho, which serves taco salads, burritos, and rice bowls. The Ale House offers beer, wine, and margaritas, while Sky Bar & Snacks serves beer, wine, and frozen drinks.

Special Events

Featured seasonal events include the Halloween-themed Fright Fest and the Christmas-themed Holiday in the Park.

Location and Admission Info

The park is located in Jackson, New Jersey. From New Jersey and New York: NJ Turnpike to Exit 7A, I-195 E to Exit 16A. Alternate route: Garden State Parkway to Exit 98, I-195 W to exit 16. One mile west on Rte. 537 to Six Flags. From Philadelphia: Ben Franklin Bridge to Route 38 E. NJ Turnpike N to Exit 7A to I-195 E to exit 16A. Alternate route: Route 295 N to I-195 E to Exit 16A.

Hurricane Harbor water park requires separate admission from the theme park. Combo passes are available. Reduced price for children (under 54"). 3 and under are free. Discounted tickets are often available online at Six Flags Great Adventure's official Web site. Season passes and the chain’s membership program include admission to all Six Flags parks.