Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 Filming Locations

Santorini, Greece

SHansche / Getty Images 

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 is partially shot in Greece. Greece also stands in for the Turkish locations used in Sisterhood. The same Greek locations were also used in Sisterhood I.

Traveling Pants Locations in Greece

The Greek portions of the Traveling Pants II movie were shot on the island of Santorini. Scenes were shot at the village of Oia, at Ammoudi Harbor, and at rock formations and other pretty locations around the island.

However, the official location list from the Alcon Entertainment only indicates Greek locations in Europe. But parts of the movie are supposedly set in Turkey. The Turkish locations are actually shot in Greece; as we suspected from a glimpse of an archaeological site in the trailer it was shot on Santorini as well, though not apparently at Akrotiri, an ancient Minoan town buried in the volcanic explosion of Thira. It looks like an archaeological site created purely for the movie, though the chamber one character falls into might be a real room at Akrotiri cut into the sequence.

The film is based on the wildly popular books for young adults and follows the adventures of the four friends during and after their first year out of high school.

By the way, Alexis Bledel, who portrays Lena in the movie, is not Greek despite a Greek-sounding first name; she's Argentinian and Mexican-American.

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