7 Signs it’s Getting Close to Spring in Toronto

How to tell spring is almost in the air in Toronto

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Spring fever in Toronto tends to hit before spring actually starts. In fact, you could say that by the end of February the city is officially ready to come out from under whatever winter layers they’ve been wearing. Whether the winter has been a mild one, or a particularly hibernation-inducing one, there comes a time in every Torontonian’s life when complaints about winter get replaced with thoughts of spring. Here are seven signs spring is getting ever-closer in Toronto.

Parkas have been replaced by light jackets – no matter the weather

As the window between winter and spring starts to shrink, so too do the amount of layers people are willing to wear, even on days where the temperature is still 100 percent not spring-like. All of a sudden, even on days where you’d assume people wouldn’t want to risk freezing to death, there’s nary a winter coat to be seen. Instead, we shiver in denim jackets, light trenches and hoodies.

“Patio weather” is defined by any temperature above 5 degrees Celsius

There is nothing Toronto loves more than patio season – we live for it. This means we stretch it as far as it will go post-summer and then start it up again as early as possible – often before it’s even actually spring. As soon as it’s technically warm enough sit outside for longer than three minutes without risking frostbite, we’ll find a way to consume food and drinks on a patio.

The same goes for “T-shirt weather”

Any day that sees the temperature outside even eke into double digits is a day where you will see people wearing T-shirts. This does not mean it’s T-shirt weather, but it does mean the people of Toronto are officially sick of wearing sweaters.

Joggers are in shorts

Joggers get sick of piling on protective clothing as much as the average Torontonian, so it makes since that once you start seeing them running in shorts (in February or early March), the city is ready for spring to make a more permanent appearance.

All the winter gear is on sale

You know spring is around the corner when every store that stocks anything remotely winter-related is just trying to get rid of it - to make room for bathing suits and sandals, which it is way too early for. Either way, anyone in the market for a new winter jacket or new pair of boots should shop now (even if they’re wearing a T-shirt while they do it).

People are wiling to go out again (rather than hibernate)

There’s a reason bars are quieter in January and February – sure, some people are just laying off booze after an indulgent party season, but other people just flat out refuse to leave the house. So it’s easy to sense the impending spring fever when people start venturing out more – and not even complaining about it.

People are (generally) happier

In the winter, people in Toronto walk quickly, heads down, shoulders hunched in attempt to stay warm. In short, we can be an unhappy bunch when the weather turns nasty. But show us even a little sunshine and even the slightest hint of spring-like warmth and all of a sudden we smile more, even (amazingly) at other people on the street.

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