Sightseeing Tours in Metro Detroit

By Boat, Car, Plane...

Detroit's history, location, sports teams and Motown / Motor City roots make it a great place to vacation and explore. Here is a list of Sightseeing Tours in and Around Metro Detroit, including walking, bike, Segway, bus, boat and car tours. There are also self-guided tours and tours that revolve around certain themes, like beer, architecture, public art, ghosts or fall colors: 

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Walking Tours

Historic Fort Wayne
Photo © Karen Milmine

Educational, interesting and healthy, touring Detroit on foot will get you to places that are hard to access in a bus or car. There are several tours to choose from that vary in terms of neighborhood, length and time. Most tours have a theme. For instance, you can find tours that explore Detroit history, ghosts, architecture, public art, cemeteries, Eastern Market and more.

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Bike Tours

May in Metro Detroit
Photo © A Healthier Michigan (CC BY-SA 2.0)

If you're up to it, you can see the sights in Detroit by bike. Having a slightly faster mode of transportation allows you to explore a wider area than by foot. It also allows you a lot more choice in terms of neighborhood, theme and length. Some of the bike tours have themes, including Urban Agriculture, Hamtramck, Historic Detroit Churches and more.

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Segway Tours

The ability to explore Detroit by Segway is relatively new, but more and more options are available both inside the City of Detroit and outside of it. For instance, both Plymouth and Hines Park offer Segway rentals and tours in season. While Segway rentals and tours can be relatively expensive, Groupons are often available.

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Bus Tours

Bus Tours are a great way to explore the City of Detroit (and its suburbs) through its architecture, ghosts, sports, history, culture, neighborhoods and legends. For instance, you can take a tour that explores Detroit's Casinos, Midtown, or Mexicantown In addition to providing a comfortable way to see the sights, bus tours can cover more ground than other types of tours. They are also interesting and educational. 

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Boat Tours and Cruises

Sightseeing in Detroit by boat will get you to places that are hard to access in a bus or car. There are several tours to choose from that vary in terms of theme, waterway and entertainment. You can even explore the Detroit River in a kayak, if you don't mind providing your own propulsion.

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Theme: Fall-Color

In much of Michigan, including the southeast, Metro-Detroit area, viewing the vibrant fall foliage may require nothing more than stepping outside; but if you want to devote a morning or afternoon to the enterprise, check out these ideas.

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Theme: Ghost Hunting

While Detroit has historic buildings, cemeteries and spooky legends aplenty, only a couple of enterprising individuals and organizations have made a tour out of them.

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