Should You Buy the New York City Entertainment Book?

Entertainment Book coupons offer great savings for some travelers

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One possible way to save on your visit to New York City is by purchasing an Entertainment Book before you arrive. These books are regional in nature, so even if you have one for your hometown, you'll need the New York City edition to get these savings.

I've highlighted some of the coupons in the 2011 edition of the book to make determining whether the book offers you a good value easier.

Full price on the New York Entertainment Book is $35, so take that into consideration when determining if the book will offer your family savings on your visit.

Also keep in mind that you can often find discounts on the Entertainment Books. The books expire November 1 of every year, so if you're planning a trip for August, September or October, you can often get a copy at a significant discount just before your trip.

The book is best geared for couples or families traveling together -- for single travelers, most of the coupons aren't a great deal. Depending on your itinerary, you might also check out our round-up of Discounts for NYC Travelers, including the New York Pass and New York CityPass for savings on admission to a variety of attractions.

Select Entertainment Book Savings for New York City Travelers

  • Bike & Roll
    50% off of up to 4 comfort bikes
  • Bike the Big Apple
    Buy Two, Get One Free Discount ($65-90)
  • Children's Museum of Manhattan
    Buy One, Get One Free Admission ($10)
  • On Location Tours
    20% Off Tours
    Includes: Gossip Girl Sites Tour and Sex and the City Sites Tour.
  • Guggenheim Museum
    Buy One, Get One Free Admission ($18)
    Valid Anytime

These listings represent just a few of the discounts featured in the Entertainment Book. I've left out the buy one, get one free discounts for restaurants in New York City, but if you're likely to visit fast food places or don't mind choosing your restaurants with coupons in mind, you can get further savings. There are also many national coupons in the book, which are good for hotel discounts, rental car savings, shopping and movies, so it may be possible to combine savings you get at home with savings in New York City from a single edition of the Entertainment Book.