Short Term Apartment Rentals in New York City

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Many travelers and families find that staying in an apartment while visiting New York City can save them money. An apartment often accommodates more guests than a hotel room and staying in an apartment can mean saving money by preparing some meals in the apartment. For longer visits, staying in an apartment can give you the sense of living in New York City instead of just visiting. If you're interested in short-term apartment rentals in New York City, these agencies and websites are the best way to find a short-term rental.

Affordable New York City

  • Rental Rates: Bed & Breakfast - $95+ w/shared bath/$125+ w/private bath; studio apartment $150+; 1 bedroom apartment $175+; larger apartments also available
  • Minimum Stays: 4 nights for B&B; 5 nights for an apartment
  • More Information: Only children 10 and up can be accommodated. All locations are pre-screened and located in safe neighborhoods. Guest surveys are used to maintain quality.

City Sonnet

  • Rental Rates: Hosted accommodations - singles $90+/doubles $120+; studio/1 bedroom apartments - $135+; larger apartments $230+; artists lofts $185+
  • Minimum Stays: 3 nights
  • More Information: Once you complete the reservation form on you will be matched with an appropriate property. Not all of their properties are listed online. Properties are thoroughly screened for inclusion in CitySonnet.

New York Habitat

  • Rental Rates: $135-$550 per night
  • Minimum Stays: vacation rentals - 3 nights; hosted accommodations - 2 nights
  • More Information: Great online search features and extensive listings.

Radio City Apartments

  • Rental Rates: studios - $109+; 1 bedroom - $149+; 2 bedrooms - $250
  • Minimum Stays: 1 night
  • More Information: Uniquely positioned between a hotel and an apartment rental, you get daily maid service and all rooms are equipped with a kitchenette.

Almost all of these agencies also offer longer term rentals and corporate rentals. Contact them directly for more information.

A studio apartment is a one-room unit, also called a bachelor apartment. Sometimes the kitchen is separate from the main room, but not always.

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