Shopping in Wild West Wickenburg, Arizona

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Double D is More Than Feed and Grain Boutique for Western Wear and Home Decor

Double D Western World in Wickenburg
Photo Credit: Elizabeth R. Rose

When you drive by Double D Western World on Wickenburg Way, you'd expect that it would be a place for feed, grain and tack. But step inside and you'll be very surprised.

We went to Double D one day looking for western dress boots but what we found was beautifully merchandised purses, trendy clothing, home decor and furniture.

Yes, you'll find a pair of boots there and a great cowboy hat but this ain't no ordinary western store.

It's clear that Double D caters to those who have an eye for fashion and a few dollars in their saddle bags. It's a great place to explore and maybe pick up something to remind you of your trip to Wild West Wickenburg.

Double D can be found at 955 W. Wickenburg Way. Map. Their phone number is: 800-225-1230 or 928-684-7987.

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Double D - A Boutique for Trendy Country Folk

Double D Western Wear
Photo Credit: Elizabeth R. Rose

Here's the purse display at Double D. The selection, all hand-tooled leather with great little western accents, was fairly reasonably priced. Throughout the store you will see displays like this... attractive and current while keeping to the western theme.

The merchandise on the upper level includes apparel, boots, gifts, home furnishings, jewelry, art work, and a lower level that offers a variety of saddles, tack, supplements and just about anything else you can imagine that's required for the horse owner.

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Double D in Wickenburg - The Search for Boots Begins

Shopping for Cowboy Boots
Photo Credit: Elizabeth R. Rose

I started shopping at DD Western World as I thought it would be the best place to get a new pair of western boots. When I last went to Rancho de los Caballeros, one of my colleagues had arrived sans riding boots and where did the ranch take her? To Double D!

That didn't keep us from spending lots of time there looking at all the creative western home decor items and taking a peek at the jewelry counter too!

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Wickenburg Arizona - Ben's Saddlery and Shoe Repair

Ben's Saddlery and Shoe Repair
Photo Credit: Elizabeth R. Rose

Someone told us to go to Ben's to continue our quest for a great western boot. On the outside, Ben's looks like a simple place where you might go to take your saddle or favorite riding boots to be repaired.

But even the casual visitor needs to see this place. Step inside Ben's and you are stepping inside the Wild West tradition of Wickenburg.

Look at the old metal ceiling, the tack and western gear to get a sense of what stores were like in the mining days of Wickenburg. But head on to the back and you will see men working on saddles and boots, skillfully repairing them.

You might see a local stop by to inquire about a new set of spurs. And you might just find your boots on one of the displays. They have quite a selection ranging, from the simple to the fancy.

Ben's can be found at 174 N Tegner St in Wickenburg. Map. Their phone number is: 928-684-2683. I don't believe they have a website.

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Wickenburg Arizona - Ben's Saddlery and Shoe Repair on Tegner Street

Ben's Saddlery
Photo Credit: Elizabeth R. Rose

Just so you don't miss Ben's. Here's the outside of the store. It's on the main drag in Wickenburg.

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Johnson's Dry Goods Company, Wickenburg, Arizona

Johnson's Dry Goods Company Wickenburg
Photo Credit: Elizabeth R. Rose

Johnson's has been a dry goods company in Wickenburg since the 1930's. Johnson's is located at 72 N. Tegner St. Map. Their phone number is 928.684.2212.

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Johnson's Dry Goods Co - The Search for Western Boots Ends

Johnson's Dry Goods in Wickenburg
Photo Credit: Elizabeth R. Rose

Johnson's is across the street from Ben's and is equally authentic. My friend was on the hunt for a Western hat and I was on the hunt for a pair of boots. The owner helped us both find what we needed. We enjoyed the shop which would appeal to ranchers and horse owners as well as "dudes and dudettes." Finding what we needed at a reasonable price ended our shopping for the day.

As we headed out of Johnson's my friend exclaimed, "You can't get any realer than Wickenburg." I have to agree.

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Susanne & Company - Surprisingly Elegant Casual and Dressy Clothing for Women

Susanne & Company Wickenburg, AZ
Copyright: Elizabeth R. Rose

Having found the the Western boots I was looking for, we decided to see what else Wickenburg had to offer. Friends had recommended that we check out Susanne's.

Susanne's is on the other side of the tracks from the Visitors Center and Desert Caballeros Western Musuem. But being on "the other side of the tracks," does not in any way reflect the quality of Susanne's offerings. She carefully selects unusual and elegant womens wear. From the best in casual wear to some amazing flowy jackets for evening, you'll find an ever-changing selection of upscale women's wear and jewelry at Susanne's. (It's not a western-wear shop)

The shop is located at 172 N. Washington St. Call 928.668.1148 for hours. As with most shops in Wickenburg, they are seasonal. 

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