Shopping in Vancouver for Kids & Babies

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The top 10 places to shop in Vancouver are home to some of the world's best shopping, but the top shops for adults and teens aren't the same as the top places to shop for kids and babies.

Use this guide to find the best shops geared toward kids 10 and under, including the best toy stores, best malls for kids, kids' fashion, and more.

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    Toys, Costumes, Puppets and an Adventure Zone at Granville Island

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    The top spot for shopping in Vancouver for kids is the Kids Market at Granville Island. Located just off the main entrance (on the right, across from the Granville Island Brewery), the Kids Market is two stories of unique shops just for kids. There are multiple toy stores, including the Granville Island Toy Company and the incredible Kites & Puppets, whose wide range of puppets will astonish parents and kids alike. The clothing stores at the Kids Market are pricey (though a trip to Just Imagine's kids' costumes is a must-see), but the toys are priced on par with many chain stores.

    Bonus: The Kids Market is also home to the indoor Adventure Zone play area, one of the top 10 things to do with kids on a rainy day.

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    Gifts, Party Supplies, Comics, and Candy at W 4th

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    If you're shopping in Vancouver for a kid's party or for fun, off-the-wall gifts, W 4th Ave in Kitsilano is a great place to start. It's home to the Candy Aisle (a fabulous place to find sweets for party favors), as well as two of Vancouver's best baby stores (see below).

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    Best Vancouver Malls for Kids

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    Taking kids shopping in Vancouver can be a chore; it's not always easy to get young kids into the shopping spirit. Luckily, there are two Vancouver malls that make shopping with kids a little easier: Oakridge Mall and Metropolis at Metrotown. Both have SkyTrain/Canada Line stops as well as on-site parking, both offer a wide range of toy stores, kids' fashion and electronics, and both have indoor activities for the kids: Oakridge has an indoor, carpeted play area for kids 5 and under (there's also a branch of the VPL there), while Metrotown has a mini-train that travels the length of the mall.

    Oakridge is a bit more upscale than Metrotown. If you're shopping for kids on a budget, head to Metrotown first and check out H&M's kids' fashion.

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    Vancouver's Best Baby Stores: Baby Gear, Toys & Clothes

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    Whether you're shopping for your own baby or for great baby/baby shower gifts, Vancouver's best baby stores have lots of adorable options, from toys to baby gear, home decor, and all the necessities babies (and new parents) need.

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    Shopping for Kids on a Budget: Vancouver Discount Stores & Cross-Border Shopping

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    Vancouver discount stores—whether they're big chains like Costco and Canadian Superstore or local gems like Welk's Mart—are great places to shop for lower-cost kids' toys, clothes, necessities, art and school supplies.

    Of course, there's another trick to finding low-cost kids' items: shop cheap in Bellingham & Seattle. You can head across the border to shop, or have specific goods sent to their Bellingham stores for pick-up; for example, some people buy toys/clothes online at Target (U.S.) and then have the items shipped to the Bellingham Target for in-store pick-up.