Shopping in Brighton - Pictures of The Lanes and The North Laines

Soma Jewellery, an independent shop in the Lanes, stocks contemporary jewellery from suppliers and designers in UK Europe

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Shopping in Brighton is about picking up the indie vibe of small boutiques and shops in the town's two unique shopping districts, the Lanes and the North Laine.

Department stores and basic necessities can be found at  Churchill Square with its Debenhams, Bhs and about 90 other popular high street shops.

But for visitors and locals alike, a fun day browsing the shops inevitably leads elsewhere.
These pictures give a flavor of what to expect.

Brighton's shopping area, The Lanes, is composed of tiny passages leading into small, shop filled squares.

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Antiques in The Lanes

A typically stylish antique shop in The Lanes
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Don't expect many bargains. Antique shops in The Lanes in Brighton specialise in top quality collectibles.

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Jewelry Shop in The Lanes

Soma Jewellery

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Jewelry shops are popular in The Lanes, ranging from antique jewelry dealers and specialists in precious gems to younger, designer-maker shops like Soma.

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Angel Food in Brighton's Lanes

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The sweet vanilla aroma of baking cupcakes permeates Brighton's Meeting House Lane outside Angel Food Bakery.

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Posh Totty in The North Laine

Posh Totty
© Ferne Arfin

Humour and irreverence are the marks of shops in the North Laine.

Women's clothing and accessory shop in the North Laine takes a tongue in cheek approach to its target customer. Here's a definition if you're unfamiliar with British slang: Totty is a slang term for a sexy and attractive woman. Posh totty is the same but with class. So, if, say, Courtney Love is "totty", Gwyneth Paltrow is probably "posh totty".

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"Twittens" is a Sussex word for the narrow passages, between 400-year-old fishermen's cottages, leading into The Lanes in Brighton.

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Pedestrian Passage in the North Laine, Brighton

Shopping in The North Laine
© Ferne Arfin

Market stalls and independent shops line a pedestrian passage in The North Laine on a weekday afternoon in November.

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Seductive Cafe?

Cafe in The North Laine in Brighton
©Ferne Arfin

Clearly, this juice bar and cafe in the North Laine, Brighton, aims to seduce customers.

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All Things Native American

Two Feathers in Brighton
© Ferne Arfin

Two Feathers in Brighton's North Laine specializes in Native American crafts, clothing, jewelry and healing arts.

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Street Style in Brighton's North Laine

Shoes at a Brighton shop in The North Laine
© Ferne Arfin

Stalls selling punk, street style are side by side with classic English tweeds in The North Laine.

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Typical Street in The North Laine in Brighton

Shopping in The North Laine, Brighton
©Ferne Arfin

Clothing shops, galleries, cafes and bars line a typical street in The North Laine, Brighton.

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