Shooting Ranges in Little Rock and Central Arkansas

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Shooting ranges offer a place for anyone to practice shooting skeet or trap, and for private gun owners to become comfortable using their weapon. Some clubs offer classes and other activities, and many of the Arkansas Game and Fish ranges offer hunter education and other information.

Before you set out, you should familiarize yourself with how to get Arkansas fishing and hunting permits.

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Remington Gun Club (Lonoke)

Remington Gun Club has 9 trap fields and 5 skeet fields for public use. Feel comfortable shooting with free instruction, free use of shotguns and furnished pullers. It is open to the public. Shooting fees vary. Located in Lonoke at 1604 Highway 15 North. Their phone number is 501-676-2677. The website has a fee schedule and some information about availability. You do not have to be a member to use this range.

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Blue Rock Sportsman Club (North Little Rock)

This club has 7 skeet fields, 5 trap fields, a 5-stand field, and a 10 station 100 bird walk through sporting clays course. Members are allowed guests. The club hosts tournaments and other sport shooting events, but is open to members on most days of the year. Initial membership costs around $200. The club is located on 7800 Baucum Pike Road in North Little Rock, 501-519-1430.

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Dr. James E. Moore Jr. Camp Robinson Firing Range (Conway)

This is an Arkansas Game and Fish range. The facility offers a 50-yard pistol range, a 200-yard rifle range, and skeet and trap ranges for shotgunners. Rifle and pistol ranges are about $3 per person. Skeet and trap are around $4 per round of 25. Eye and ear protection are provided, and spotting scopes are available for a ~$2 rental. The range is open to the public 9 a.m.–5 p.m., Wednesday through Sunday. Located on 547 Clinton Road in Conway, 501-470-9904.

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Paul H "Rocky" Willmuth Shooting Sports Complex (Batesville)

This is a three-field combination skeet/trap range with a static, 12-station archery range. It is an Arkansas Game and Fish range and it's open to the public. Shooting fees do apply. It's located at 3600 North Saint Louis in Batesville, 870-698-0361.

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Jack Cox Scatter Creek Firing Range (Paragould)

This is an Arkansas Game and Fish range. Any legal firearm and ammunition may be used on the firing range. It is located on Highway 34 West in Paragould, 800-364-4263.

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Rick Evans Grandview Prairie CEC Shotgun Range (Columbus)

This is an Arkansas Game and Fish range connected to an education center. Open by appointment only. It's located at 685 Hempstead 35 N in Columbus, 870-983-2740.

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Arkansas Armory (Sherwood)

The Arkansas Armory is a gun range, but also offers sales for guns, ammo, and accessories. The Armory also offers training, concealed handgun permit licensing and, of course, a nice indoor range. It is located at 7600 Landers Road in Sherwood, 501-835-4867 (835-GUNS).

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Independence County Shooting Sports (Batesville)

The Independence County Shooting Sports Complex was created through funding and cooperation of several agencies and individuals. Partnerships and donations from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, City of Batesville, Independence County, and private donors made this range possible.

The complex is made up of three skeet and five trap fields, a 12-station stationary archery field, as well as three pavilions. The complex consists of a 1200 square foot clubhouse/office, and a new state of the art 1200 square foot education center that consists of the latest technology equipment including digital projection system and Dry Fire clay shooting simulator. It's located at 3600 N St Louis St, Batesville, 870-698-0361.

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Shoothouse USA (Conway)

Shoothouse USA offers an indoor pistol range and training facility. The facility provides five lanes of live fire ranges, a virtual range (which uses laser equipped replica handguns), concealed carry courses and other training courses. It's located at HWY 64 East in Conway.

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The Arkansas Game and Fish Foundation Shooting Sports Complex (Jacksonville)

This state‐of-­the-­art public shooting range facility at 2800 Graham Road in Jacksonville opened in early 2014. The multi-use complex is the largest of its kind in the state. It includes 14 trap fields, three skeet overlays, three lit fields, two pavilions, a fishing lake, and a 5,100 square foot clubhouse that includes a learning center. It is located at 2800 Graham Road, Jacksonville.

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Arkansas Handgun Academy (Floral)

This isn't a shooting range, but we're including it because they offer shooting lessons and concealed carry courses. It's located at 375 Galloway Ln in Floral, 870-283-2357 or 870-307-2471.

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