Can I Order Wine and Have it Shipped to Pennsylvania?

Wine bottles packed in straw. Photo: Getty Images / Jackson Vereen
Getty Images/Photolibrary: Jackson Vereen

Up until 2016, out-of-state vineyards and retailers were prohibited from shipping wine directly to Pennsylvania residents. However, with the new laws instituted, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board approved direct wine shipper licenses under Act 39, and now Pennsylvania residents may have wine shipped directly to their homes, so the answer is finally yes. 

Via the Pennsylvania government website, Pennsylvania Commonwealth residents may receive up to 36 cases  (up to nine liters per case) of wine per year, per direct wine shipper, and wine may only be shipped to a home or business addresses.

Direct-shipped wine must be for personal use, and anyone who resells direct-shipped wine is subject to fines and criminal penalties. Direct-shipped wine is subject to state and local sales tax and a $2.50 per gallon wine excise tax. Direct wine shippers are required to verify proof of age of the recipient of the wine prior to shipping.

Wines cleared for shipping are from all across the United States, including California, Washington state, Oregon, New York, and many more. 

More information on direct wine shipping options and information can be found here on the Pennsylvania government website. The list is updated automatically as direct shippers become licensed, so make sure to check before trying to purchase wine, and cheers!