You'll Be Able to Rent the Fastest Ford Ever Made This Summer

A fleet of custom 2022 Shelby Mustangs may be at your local Hertz

White Shelby Mustang convertible with gold racing stropes driving on a curving road. The road is blurry and there are mountains in the background. There is a fair skinned person in a dark baseball cap driving the car

Courtesy of Hertz

Calling gear heads and road trip lovers: the fastest cars Ford has ever produced are the newest addition to the Hertz fleet. The rental company just announced a three-year partnership with Shelby American, starting with a collection of custom-made 2022 GT-H and GT500-H Shelby Mustangs.

It will be the first time that a GT500-H Mustang has been available to rent, and the cars are powerful. It's not only the fastest mass-produced Mustang ever, but it's also the most powerful vehicle Ford has ever produced. The modified Predator V8 engine gets more than 900 horsepower. That's in the same league as supercars like McClarens or Bugattis. The less-powerful but still muscley GT-H will be offered as a fastback and convertible and gets a very respectable 450 horsepower out of the Coyote V8 engine.

Black fastback Shelby mustang with gold racing and rocker stripes driving on a road. The road is blurred as are the rocks in the background.

Courtesy of Hertz

Shelby American has been making automotive history since the company's founding in 1962, and the car manufacturer first partnered with Hertz in 1966 with the "Rent-a-Racer" promotion. "This partnership has made automotive history many times over the years, and we look forward to future collaborations that will continue to both push limits and delight our customers with exciting cars and experiences," said Hertz CEO Stephen Scherr.

Each of the Shelby Hertz Mustangs has features unique to the partnership, like custom logos and a numbered badge and racing and rocker stripes in Hertz gold. There will be only 25 GT500-H cars in the fleet, 19 of which will be shadow black while the other six will be white to honor Shelby American's 20th anniversary. The GT-H fastback and convertibles will come in red, white, black, and gray.

If you want to experience these ultra-powerful muscle cars yourself, they'll be available to rent in select U.S. cities this summer. You can rent the Shelby Mustang GT500-H in Las Vegas, Orlando, Miami, Fort Myers, Phoenix, and Tampa. The Shelby Mustang GT-H will be available in the same cities, as well as Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Dallas, Atlanta, and Fort Lauderdale. For more detailed information on the cars and the partnership, visit the Hertz website.

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