Sharon Keating

Sharon Keating is a life-long resident of New Orleans who loves to show visitors around town.


A lawyer by profession, a New Orleans tour guide by avocation, Sharon is a student of the colorful history, unique customs and varied architecture of this great city. She is licensed tour guide for the City of New Orleans, and the author of "New Orleans In Photographs", and "New Orleans Then and Now". After retirement from the law, Sharon intends to conduct tours on a full-time basis.


Sharon has earned a degree in history from the University of New Orleans, and a law degree from Loyola University. After completing courses at Delgado College, Sharon became a licensed tour guide about ten years ago and has conducted many tours for out-of-town convention groups, as well as for visiting friends.

Sharon Keating

New Orleans is not just another city to visit; she is an experience not to be missed. She is vibrant, classic, untraditional, sultry, and a planet apart from where you are now. She will speak to your soul if you know how to listen. A unique city requires a unique guide. I am that guide.

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