Sharks You Can Follow on Twitter This Summer

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Heading to the beach? This year's hottest pastime might be tracking sharks that have become bonafide Twitter celebrities.

Through its website and app (for iPhone and Android), the non-profit research organization OCEARCH lets you track all of the great white, tiger and other large sharks it has tagged since 2007 and learn about worldwide shark conservation. Each shark tracked by OCEARCH sends a signal when its dorsal fin surfaces above the water for at least 90 seconds.

A 16-foot great white shark named Mary Lee has become a Twitter rock star with her own handle (run by an unnamed newspaper reporter) and over 116,000 followers. Since then, more of OCEARCH's sharks have received Twitter handles. Here's who to follow this summer:

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    Mary Lee Shark
    @MaryLeeShark on Twitter

    116K+ followers
    Profile: "Great white shark tagged by @OCEARCH cruising the East Coast of the U.S. Every week is #SharkWeek. Track me here Sample tweet: "Why don't sharks bite lawyers? Professional courtesy. -;() "

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    Mexico, Guadalupe Island Offshore, Great White Shark (Carcharodon Carcharias) In Deep Ocean Water, View From Front.
    Dave Fleetham / Design Pics/Getty Images

    47K+ followers
    Profile: "Misunderstood but sassy girl just tryin' to get some fish. #replacefearwithfacts And she explains it all through @ByRobLanders & @OCEARCH." Sample tweet: "That awkward moment when you think you have sleep in your eyes... And then realize it's plankton. #sharkworld #needaseal"

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    Shark Lydia
    @RockStarLydia on Twitter

    36K+ followers
    "I'm the 1st Great White Shark ever recorded to cross the Atlantic. Oh, Canada eh." Sample tweet: "Don't Fear the Fins: Despite increased encounters, #sharks pose little threat in SW Florida  "

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    Louise the Shark - OCEARCH
    @LouiseShark on Twitter

    9K+ Followers
    Profile: A Shark Lady of Mystery Lost in the Indian Ocean. A great white Shark tagged by @OCEARCH Have not pinged in months. #sharkemojicampaign Sample tweet: "I want to thank the Academy of 3000 tweeters who have elected to follow me! You like me! You really, really like me!"

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    Shark Genie
    @GenieTheShark on Twitter

    8K+ followers
     "Just your average shark lurking the waters of the East Coast of the U.S. not affiliated with @OCEARCH. Track me with the shark tracker app #SharkTracker." Sample tweet: "Remember you guys have a better chance being struck by lightning than to be bitten by me or my siblings. People don't taste good -;()"

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    Sharks on Twitter
    @Finley_Shark on Twitter

    5K+ Followers
    Profile: I'm a female tiger shark tagged by ocearch during expedition Gulf Of Mexico.. named by you on #shweekend with @sharkweek @discovery Sample tweet: "#SaveSharks from murder for a bowl of soup."

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    Follow Sharks on Twitter
    @Peggy_Shark on Twitter

    3K+ followers
    "I'm a Tiger Shark. Proud to be an @Ocearch family member! East Coast USA. I'm a smoocher not a biter. Love to learn. My  belongs to @MakoSharkOscarSample tweet: "I'm proud to be an East Coast @Ocearch #TigerShark! I should have a flag on my fin!"

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    Sharks on Twitter
    @Freo_Shark on Twitter

    1.8K+ Followers
    Profile: Tagged by @OCEARCH on #ExpeditionWA. Check out my @GoProfootage from my fin!  Sample tweet: "The ocean is where I belong."

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OCEARCH enables leading researchers and institutions to generate previously unattainable data on the movement, biology and health of sharks to protect their future while enhancing public safety and education.