SF Foggy Day Activities

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    Escaping Karl

    Golden Gate Bridge covered in fog
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    In Boston, they have snow. In Seattle, they have rain. In San Francisco, we’ve got fog. And it can be just as cold and brutal as a blizzard. Okay, slight exaggeration, but it’s still not the best for your typical S.F. adventure. Don’t fret, this city still has plenty of activities even when Karl the Fog has decided to stay for months on end.

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    Play with Kittens

    Cat lounging
    Tiffany P/Yelp

    This fog can chill the bones, so what’s better than snuggling with kittens while sipping a hot herbal tea? Welcome to Kitea, a café space that also serves as a playground for adoptable kittens. For those worried about hairballs in their mugs, don’t worry. The tea lounge and kitty lounge are separate for sanitation purposes. Reservations are recommended simply because cats are adorable and everyone wants to cuddle with them, but walk-ins are welcome if space permits. 

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    Hike in the Presidio

    Hiking in the Presidio in San Francisco
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     If you’re just itching to be outside after a long week of sitting at a desk, the Presidio offers great hiking. It will be chilling so layer up, but wandering through the eucalyptus forests cloaked in that eerie cloud layer is well worth a little bit of chill. Take a stroll down Lover’s Lane and past Andy Goldsworthy’s Wood Line sculpture for the ultimate fog-laden adventure. 

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    Go Above the Fog Line

    Mt Tamaplais in Marin
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     Sometimes, you just need the sun. When you’ve gone days (or weeks!) without it, it’s easy to forget it even exists. But there’s a silver lining to the constant gloom and that is that you can rise above. No, really. Drive (or hike!) to the top of ​Mt Tamaplais in Marin and you’ll be looking down on the fog blanket. If you don’t find a deep appreciation for the beauty that is our foggy layer, then maybe San Francisco is not the city for you. Pro tip: stay until sunset to watch the sea of clouds change colors in the most drastic of ways. 

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    Play Board Games at a Bar

     San Francisco is full of bars that have extra entertainment. Zeki’s on California has fireplaces and Connect Four. Simple Pleasures on Balboa has beer and puzzles. Sycamore on Mission has Twister and pork belly doughnuts. ​Golden Gate Taproom in Union Square is basically an adults-only arcade with shuffleboard, Foosball, Skeeball, and pool. Grab your posse and stake your claim for the better part of a day.

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    Visit the SFMOMA


    Staying indoors doesn’t mean you have to sit still and exploring the new SFMOMA’s seven floors will take all day (multiple days, if we’re being honest). Whether you’re going through with friends or just taking time to reflect on your own, you’ll get lost in the 19 exhibitions the museum has on display. Don’t worry, you can refuel at either the coffee bar on the third floor or the café on the seventh. If you have to wait for your time slot, go hang on the amphitheater seating looking over the Richard Serra sculpture.