Travel From Seville to Granada by Train, Bus and Car

Getting between Andalusia's finest cities is easy

How to Travel Between Seville and Granada, Spain

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Seville and Granada are two of the finest cities in Spain. In fact, they make my list of the Best Two-City Breaks in Spain. Details of how to get from Seville to Granada by various forms of transport.

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The Best Way from Seville to Granada

The bus and train cost approximately the same, so choose which you take based on the proximity of the bus or train station to your hotel.

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Stops en Route from Seville to Granada 

There are three good stops on the way between these two cities: Ronda, Antequera and Cordoba. Antequera, with its fantastic dolmens and 'lovers' rock' is the one that is most directly on the way, but be aware that the train from Seville to Antequera stops at a stop insanely far ourside the city, with only an expensive taxi into town: only do this stop if you are driving.

Ronda is the best place to stop on the way, but to fit in all the travel, sightseeing and storing of your bags to do everything in a day is quite a big ask. If you don't have a car of your own, I'd consider this Seville to Ronda Transfer with Visit to Ronda.

Seville to Granada by Train and Bus

The train from Seville to Granada takes about three hours and costs under 25€.

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Book Train Tickets in Spain with Rail Europe.

Buses from Seville to Granada take about three hours and cost around 20 euros. Sometimes prices vary for no reason, so check you're getting the cheapest!

The bus leaves from the Prado bus station.

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You can book most bus tickets in Spain online for only a tiny administration fee (about one euro). Just pay with a credit card and print out the e-ticket.
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Seville to Granada by Guided Tour

A guided tour is a great way to see Seville or Granada and there some excellent one- and two-day tours available. I would particularly recommend the trip from Seville to Granada, as it includes skip-the-line entry to the Alhambra. Visiting the Alhambra by yourself is virtually impossible in a day trip without a guided tour or a lot of planning.

Guided Tours from Madrid to Seville and Granada

If you're pressed for time, you may be interested in a whistle-stop four- or five-day guided tour, starting in Madrid, which takes in Seville, Granada and Cordoba (with an optional extension in Ronda and Toledo).

    Seville to Granada by Car

    The 260km from Seville to Granada can be covered in under 3 hours, driving mainly on the A-92 highway.
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