September Weather in Spain

Sunny, Warm Days Melt Into Cool Nights


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After the intense heat of the summer, normal life is starting to resume in Spain, and the cities are beginning to be repopulated after the summer exodus. But if you're expecting cool autumnal breezes, you'll most likely be disappointed. Summer weather frequently lasts well into September in Spain. If you prefer mild weather when you are traveling, you might postpone a trip to Spain until October, when summer has made its exit. September is generally sunny across the whole country. So whether you're headed to the urban excitement of Madrid; the beaches and tapas bars of Barcelona; the history of Andalusia; or the wine country, the Basque region, or glorious San Sebastian of Northern Spain, you'll find reliably good weather throughout September.

Weather in Madrid in September

Summer in Madrid can be uncomfortably warm, and if the hot season outstays its welcome, September might still be a little unpleasant. However, Madrid will probably be comfortably warm during the day this month. The average afternoon high temperature in Madrid in September is 82 degrees Fahrenheit, with the temperature falling to about 55 degrees at night. 

Weather in Barcelona in September

It's still summer in September in Barcelona, and beaches will still be populated by Northern Europeans looking for a tan. However, Barcelona is cooled by breezes of the Mediterranean and doesn't tend to get quite as hot as Madrid. Barcelona's afternoon high in September is 79 degrees, with nighttime lows around 63 degrees.

Weather in Andalusia in September

Andalusia is Spain's sunniest region, and if you didn't get good weather all over the region for the entire month of September, you could count yourself unlucky.  Seville (like Madrid) could still be unbearably hot, but the coastal cities are likely to be more temperate. The average afternoon high in Malaga in September is 82 degrees, with the average low dropping to 64 degrees. 

Weather in Northern Spain in September

Northern Spain is not as reliable as the south when it comes to weather, but you can be pretty confident that the weather in September will be mainly good, though there is a fair chance of rain for a few days each month. In Bilbao, afternoon temps will top out at a lovely 75 degrees, with nighttime lows dipping to 57 degrees.

Weather in Northwest Spain in September

It's not all good news. While it usually feels like summer in most of the country well into September, the residents of Galicia and Asturias typically get temperatures that are several degrees lower than in other regions. That said, it's not all doom and gloom;  there are more dry days than there are wet days in Galicia in September. The average high temperature in Santiago de Compostela in September is 70 degrees, with nighttime temperatures falling to 59 degrees. 

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