Weather in Madrid in September

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Planning a trip to Madrid in September? Wishing the long-term weather forecasts were more accurate so you knew what to pack? To give you an idea of what kind of weather to expect in Madrid in September, below you'll find recent years' weather in the Spanish capital.

What Weather to Prepare for in Madrid in September

When predicting weather that is still a few weeks away, historical averages are one way of calculating what to expect, but this only tells half the story.

The weather is rarely average, so concrete examples of recent years' weather are much better indicators.

As you can see below, the weather in September in recent years has tended to be warmer than the averages have suggested, with the heat of August hanging on until mid- to late September. Most days have had no precipitation. 

What to Pack

Daytime temperatures can rival those of August, but evenings are cooler in September. To adapt from hot days to cool nights, bring a cardigan or lightweight jacket plus a scarf. Other items to pack for September weather in Madrid are T-shirts, skirts, shorts, and lightweight summer dresses. If you plan on visiting any churches, dress conservatively, which means not wearing shorts or being scantily clad.

As far as accessories go, a hat and sunglasses are always a good idea. Sandals or shoes that breathe easily are best for hot daytime temperatures. September is the driest month, so it's safe to leave your umbrella at home.

Petty theft is common in Spain, so if possible, bring theft-proof clothes and clothes or bags with strong zippers. Jeans are recommended because you can put your wallet and phone in your front pocket.

Madrid in Early September 

August in Madrid is famously super hot, and early September isn't much cooler, so expect it to be dry and hot in the daytime, with pleasant temperatures at night.

September 5 Historical Data

  • Averages: Low: 53 F. High: 77 F.
  • Records: Low: 51 F. High: 102 F.
  • 2016: Low: 65 F. High: 102 F. No rain.
  • 2015: Low: 54 F: High: 81 F. No rain.
  • 2014: Low: 61 F. High: 91 F. No rain.
  • 2013: Low: 62 F. High: 86 F. No rain.
  • 2012: Low: 57 F. High: 88 F. No rain.

Madrid in Mid-September

Though the historical records suggest that Madrid should be starting to cool a little now, the weather from 2012 to 2015 suggests otherwise. Madrid is still hot and dry in mid-September, with pleasant evenings. 

September 15 Historical Data

  • Averages: Low: 50 F. High: 73 F.
  • Records: Low: 46 F. High: 93 F.
  • 2016: Low: 49 F. High: 68 F. No rain.
  • 2015: Low: 57 F. High: 70 F. Rain: 0.03 inches.
  • 2014: Low: 59 F. High: 80 F. Rain: 0.20 inches.
  • 2013: Low: 55 F. High: 87 F. No rain.
  • 2012: Low: 55 F. High: 92 F. No rain.

Madrid in Late September

The weather in Madrid tends to steeply drop off toward the end of September, though it may stay hot. Again, there is typically a low chance of rain. 

September 25 Historical Data

  • Averages: Low: 48 F. High: 69 F.
  • Records: Low: 42 F. High: 88 F.
  • 2016: Low: 54 F. High: 81 F. No rain.
  • 2015: Low: 50 F. High: 86 F. No rain.
  • 2014: Low: 50 F. High: 75 F. No rain.
  • 2013: Low: 57 F. High: 88 F. No rain.
  • 2012: Low: 54 F. High: 67 F. No rain.