September Weather in Las Vegas

Sunny Las Vegas
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The summer slowly comes to an end in September in Las Vegas but all that means is that the swimming pools are less crowded and the kids are all gone. Don't get me wrong, we love kids, we just don't love them as much when they throw a ball across the pool and knock over our drinks. September in Las Vegas is still warm and the days are still very long and full of crowded adults-only pool parties. 

You should know that September brings preseason NHL Hockey to the T-mobile Arena.

The Las Vegas Golden Knights are a great way for you to spend an evening in Las Vegas. Start with drinks and a meal at The Park Las Vegas and then move on to the game. When the game ends the party spills out onto the plaza where live music and great food and drink just spice up your Las Vegas vacation in a completely different way.

Average Temperatures in September in Las Vegas

  • Average High Temperature in September in Las Vegas: 95 F (35 C)
  • Average Low Temperature in September in Las Vegas: 66 F (18.8C)
  • Average Rainfall in September in Las Vegas: .28”
  • Average Humidity in September in Las Vegas: 27%

Pool Season in September in Las Vegas?

The crowds at the pool are better in September because most of the kids are back in school. It’s still plenty warm but no longer oppressive. Late afternoons are extremely satisfying and they get you going for the early dinner and late night at the clubs.

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Walking Weather in September in Las Vegas?

This is a very reasonable time of the year for a decent walk before noon. It will still feel warm if you venture out around 2 pm but you often will get the very comfortable 5 pm walk along the strip.

Golf Conditions in September in Las Vegas?

Midweek rounds are perfect once the August heat has left town. It can still be hot but the temperatures are starting to fall.

Perfect Attractions in September in Las Vegas

Stratosphere, go to the top and look out to see the last of the thunderstorms leave town.

Possible Day Trips in September in Las Vegas 

Are you ready to drive to the Grand Canyon? Don’t do it, head to Zion National instead, it is very impressive and a little closer.

Something You Should Know About September in Las Vegas

As college football season gets going the Sportsbook get really lively. However, the Las Vegas nights are so pleasant you’ll find yourself out front of the Bellagio or on an outdoor deck having a drink.