September in New York City: Weather, What to Pack, and What to Do

The weather is warm and the crowds are thinner.

NYC in September

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September is one of the best times to visit New York City. The weather has cooled off from summer, but it's still warm enough to enjoy being outside. At the beginning of the month the beaches and pools are still open. With kids back in school, there aren't as many tourists in the city, meaning you'll have shorter lines for attractions and an easier time getting reservations.

The city is also in full-fling in September, meaning there is a lot of fun to be had. You can find everything from Labor Day parades to Oktoberfest celebrations to New York Fashion Week. There is something for every interest. Here is your guide to how to make the most of your September visit to New York City.

New York City Weather in September

In New York City this month the average high temperature is 76 degrees and the average low temperature is 61 degrees. You'll want to wear cool clothes during the day but bring a jacket for when it gets chilly in the evening. Later in the month, it is chillier than at the beginning.

September is also a relatively dry month with only 7 days of rain on average. Still, you'll want an umbrella and a rain jacket if you happen to be in the city during those days. While days are starting to get shorter this time of year you will see the sun from around 6 or 7 in the morning to 6 or 7 in the evening. That gives you a lot of time to enjoy the city in daylight.

What to Pack

September is a relatively easy month to pack for. For the day you should have summer clothes: shorts, t-shirts, and dresses. Mornings and nights can be cool, so don't forget to bring a light jacket and pants with you.

You'll also want an umbrella and rain jacket for rainy days as well as waterproof shoes. New York City gets puddles when it rains, so you need to protect your feet.

September Events in New York City

With kids back in school New Yorkers are back from their summer vacations and ready to enjoy being in the city once again. There is a range of annual events that span different industries and interests. Many are outside, letting you enjoy the last weeks of summer.

  • New York Fashion Week - Every September New York City streets are full of models, designers, bloggers, fashion editors, and more. Many of the runway shows and pop-up exhibits are open to the public. Buy tickets and see the schedule here.
  • Labor Day - New York City has multiple Labor Day celebrations from beach parties to barbecues in restaurants and parks. One of the highlights is the West Indian Day Parade that celebrates Caribbean culture. Read more about your holiday options here.
  • NYC Broadway Week - Every September Broadway shows become much more accessible with two-for-one tickets during NYC Broadway Week. Pick a new show you've never seen or a classic.
  • The Vendys - Are you a fan of street food? Then this annual celebration is perfect for you. It's an annual street food competition that picks the best street food vendors in New York City. Purchase tickets to sample treats and help pick the winner. Get more information here.
  • Feast of San Gennaro - Every September the Feast of San Gennaro attracts crowds from across the globe to New York City's Little Italy. You will feast on authentic Italian treats and learn more about the country's culture. Read a full guide to the festival here.
  • US Open Tennis Championship - The fourth of the tennis grand slams, the US Open in Queens attracts the top tennis players. They vie for this prestigious trophy. It's easy to buy tickets on the website, but purchase them early to get a good seat. If you want to see up-and-coming players attend the tournament in the first week. That's when lesser known players battle on smaller courts around the grounds.

September Travel Tips

  • If you are traveling to New York City over fashion week, Labor Day, or the US Open book your hotel early to avoid sell-outs. Hotels are more expensive during those times so consider staying in Queens or Brooklyn as a cheaper alternative.
  • On Labor Day museums and attractions are open, but government agencies including banks and libraries aren't. Plan accordingly if you need to, for example, take out money from a bank.
  • If you are traveling early in the month bring sunscreen and hats. Later in the month bring light jackets and layers.

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