September in New Zealand

Weather and Best Things to See and Do in New Zealand During September

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September marks the beginning of Spring in New Zealand. The weather becomes noticeably warmer and sunnier and signs of new life are everywhere - trees in blossom, flowers blooming and millions of the newborn lambs that New Zealand is famous for (there are more than ten sheep for every person in the country).

The ski fields in both the North and South Islands are still operating and September is a great month to enjoy the snow. It's still a bit cool to swim at the beaches, but days can be pleasantly warm. Be prepared for rain as well, however, especially on the North Island, and cold fronts can still pass across the country.

Pros of Visiting New Zealand in September

  • It's still low season in most areas so there won't be many tourists about and prices on accommodation and tourist activities will still be at their lowest.
  • Weather is pleasant with sunny days and cool nights.
  • Arguably the best month of the year for skiing and snowboarding.

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Cons of Visiting New Zealand in September

  • The weather can still be cold and changeable. There may be lingering winter storm patterns and it can be rainy in both islands. Take this into account if you are planning any outdoor activities.

September Festivals and Events

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