September in Nashville: Weather, What to Pack and What to See

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September in Nashville is always a busy month, despite the fact that the summer crowds have begun to dissipate. As usual, you'll find plenty of live music on Lower Broadway and even big-name concerts at Bridgestone Arena. The Tennessee Titans kick off a busy NFL schedule of course, and there are always a number of art and foot festivals to take part in as well. This is on top of all of the regular things to see and do in the Music City, which has become a popular travel destination thanks to its stellar night life, fantastic food scene, and trendy neighborhoods.

While other parts of the country may already be starting to cool off and prepare for the arrival of autumn, September can still be a hot, muggy month in Nashville. Summers are long in the South and daytime temperatures are likely to remain warm. The good news is that the busy summer travel season is over, making it much easier to navigate the city.

Nashville Weather in September

If you enjoy warm, sunny weather September is a good month to visit Nashville. The average daytime temperature tends to hover around 83 degrees Fahrenheit (28 degrees Celsius) during the day and a pleasant 62 degrees Fahrenheit (16 degrees Celsius) at night. That said, the humidity can remain quite high, making it feel warmer than the thermometer says. While not quite as hot as it is in the dead of summer, the sun can still be quite powerful.

The good news is that rain is usually held to a minimum during the month of September and most days are sunny and clear. In fact, Nashville only receives about 3.5 inches (8.9 cm) of rainfall during the month, which equates to about six rainy days in total. In other words, bring an umbrella, but there is a good chance you might not need it.

What to Pack

If you're visiting Nashville in September don't put away your summer clothes just yet. Shorts, t-shirts, and sandals will keep you comfortable throughout the day, although a light jacket may prove useful in the evening. Don't forget to pack your sunscreen, as it is still possible to get a sunburn at this time of year, while a rain jacket may prove useful on occasion as well. If you plan to walk around downtown or go honky tonkin' on Broadway, good walking shoes will help keep your feet comfortable as well. Just be sure to leave the sweaters, jackets, and cool weather clothes at home, as you won't need them yet.

September Events in Nashville

With the busy summer travel season over you would think things would start to slow down in the Music City. But September offers plenty to see and do for visitors who were patient enough to wait out the crowds. From music festivals to wine and food gatherings and cultural events, here are a few of things you can experience in September in Nashville:

  • Americana Music Festival: For more than 20 years the Americana Music Association has held its annual festival in Nashville, luring thousands of fans, musicians, and industry pros to the city in September. Visitors get the chance to experience some of the most well-known and popular bands of the past five decades as they perform on stage to an enthusiastic crowd. The festivals lasts for five days and is always a good time for music lovers.
  • Music City Food + Wine Festival: Experience the culinary delights of Nashville each September at the city's premier food and wine fest. Some of the top restaurants and chefs come together for one weekend to dazzle attendees with their mouth watering creations. Be sure to come hungry and don't be shy about trying anything.
  • Musicians Corner: Throughout the month of September (and some of October), Nashville's Centennial Park plays host to a series of free concerts every Saturday night. The bands, genres, and songs may vary, but this being the Music City, you can bet you'll be entertained. Bring a blanket and some refreshments for a free performance that just might get you up and dancing.
  • African American Street Festival: Held each year at Hadley Park, this festival celebrates the impact of African American culture not only on Nashville, but the country as a whole. Events include plenty of music, poetry, art, and food.
  • Cumberland River Compact Dragon Boat Festival: One of the more unique September events in Nashville, the Dragon Boat Festival takes place on and around the Cumberland River in the heart of downtown. Over the course of the day, several dragon boat races are held out on the water, while eager fans and onlookers cheer the crews on. You'll find excellent food trucks on hand to feed the crowd, as well as local vendors selling unique wares from the Nashville area.
  • Hands on Nashville Day: Each September, a day is set aside in the final week of the month for the Nashville community, as well as visitors, to come together to do something good for the people who need help across the area. This is organized volunteerism at its finest, with multiple projects and goals to achieve.
  • Nashville Greek Festival: If you can't make it to Greece yourself, why not attend a 30+ year old Greek festival instead? As you would expect, Nashville's Greek Fest include plenty of great food and an agora to shop for Greek-themed gifts. But, attendees will also learn about Greek history, customs, traditions, and more. You can even learn a traditional Greek dance.

September Travel Tips

  • With the summer rush over, hotel prices tend to be more affordable during the month of September and wait times at restaurants, bars, and other events are better too.
  • Labor Day can be a busy weekend in Nashville with lots of events taking place. If your goal is to avoid crowds, plan on visiting after the three-day weekend is over
  • Stay hydrated while out and about. September is still a hot and humid month in Nashville and that heat can sometimes catch you off guard.
  • Because summer extends well into September and beyond, there are often plenty of free summer music festivals, concerts, and other events that happen throughout the the month. For instance, the Farmer's Market is always a hit, and the Full Moon Pickin' Parties are fun too.
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