September in Hong Kong

September Events and Weather in Hong Kong

Hong kong city
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While the humidity remains slightly above comfort levels, it is substantially lower than in the summer months and the rain also eases off. That means Hong Kong in September is one of the better months to make a visit. Events wise the fantastic Mid-Autumn Festival, or Mooncake Festival, also contribute to making September in Hong Kong a good month to stop-by.

Hong Kong doesn't really have a high and low season for tourism, but September is busy with events and expos. These major trade fairs will make hotels a little busier and push prices up.

Average High 87F (30C) Average Low 75F (25C)

While still hot and humid, by Hong Kong standards September marks the end of the oppressive heat of the summer months. Especially towards the end of the month, you'll be able to hike the great outdoors and enjoy the city streets without soaking your shirt in sweat. Perpetually blue skies also mark a break with the monsoon summer months and contribute to September’s enjoyable weather. And, if you fancy a dip in the South China Sea this is as warm as the water gets.

What to Wear

  • Sandals will make strolling about more pleasant, while breathable walking shoes for those who want to enjoy the more adventurous side of the Hong Kong outdoors are recommended.
  • A light sweater is useful as everywhere in Hong Kong is air conditioned, often like a fridge.
  • Light cotton T-Shirts are helpful in the soup-like humidity, as they allow your body to breathe.

Need to Know

  • First-time visitors should be wary of the humidity, which will leave you soaked in sweat after thirty minutes of walking. Be sure to take on plenty of liquids to battle against dehydration.
  • September is luckily free of clouds, but this means intense sun. Be sure to slap on some sun screen, even if you're only outdoors for twenty minutes or less.
  • If traveling to the countryside, bring mosquito repellent. Hong Kong isn't overrun with mosquitos, but near water courses and lakes they can be a nuisance.

    September Pros

    • The sea in September is generally at its hottest and reaches a very pleasant 28C. The ideal time to visit Hong Kong Beaches.
    • September sees the Mid-Autumn festival get into swing, one of the biggest celebrations in the city.
    • The humidity finally starts to relent, making it possible to explore Hong Kong’s fantastic outdoors again.
    • The lack of rain also makes September one of the best months to explore Hong Kong.

    September Cons

    • The humidity, especially at the start of the month, can be unpleasant.
    • Room rates at local hotels start to creep up as the conventions move into town.

    September Events

    • 15th of September: Mid-Autumn Festival The biggest festival in Hong Kong after Chinese New Year commemorates the Chinese giving the boot to their Mongolian overlords. Like most great Chinese festivals it involves plenty of parades and the festival's signature fire dragon dance. You'll also be introduced to Mooncakes. These hockey sized puck cakes are sold all around the city during the festival and are a must try if you are in town.
    • 27th of September Confucious Day: More sedate than the Mid-Autumn Festival, Confucious day sees events in the city that commemorate the great scholar. There are usually talks and exhibitions at the city's Confucious Institute.
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