September in Germany: Weather, What to Pack, and What to See

Everything You Need to Know about Visiting Germany in September

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Autumn in Germany is an ideal time to visit, happily caught between the high prices of summer and the crowds of Christmas. The weather is usually still warm and the days are long and filled with light. While there are plenty of people visiting Germany during this month, the crowds have gone down and the peak costs of accommodations and attractions are lowering.

On top of that, some of Germany's top events are in September. The world-famous Oktoberfest actually begins in late September and continues for two weeks through early October. This is also the perfect time to enjoy a long drive on one of Germany's scenic roads, either to events like the largest pumpkin festival in Germany or to one of the country's many wine festivals or just to enjoy the spectacular changing of the leaves.

Here is everything you need to know to visit Germany in September from weather to what to pack to what to see.

Weather in Germany in September

The first day of fall (herbst) is in September and visitors can expect the weather in Germany to be cooling from summer highs, but still pleasant with the best days ablaze in colorful foliage. Germans call these last warm days of the year altweibersommer (Indian summer). Expect average highs of 67 degrees Fahrenheit (19 degrees Celsius) and average lows of 49 degrees Fahrenheit (9 degrees Celsius).

On bad weather days, it can be cold and drizzly. Never count out a sudden rain, or a surprise cold turn. As always in Germany, be prepared for quickly changing conditions.

What to Pack for Germany in September

The warmth of summer lingers, but cool days are coming. This is the time of year to pack a light sweater or—even better—a scarf for the chill that comes on in the evening. Trade in your sandals for tennis shoes and add pair of jeans to your shorts and skirts.

However, there may still be some warmth left in these days. Bring a swimsuit to enjoy the pool as the crowds start to leave. Just make sure there is an umbrella in your suitcase.

September Events in Germany

  • Germany’s most popular beer festival, Oktoberfest in Munich, draws over 6 million visitors from all over the world. The event begins with the ceremonial tapping of a keg by the mayor and includes two weeks of drinking beer, eating wurst (sausage) among other meaty treats, and is a cultural institution.
  • A highlight for many visitors to Germany is a drive on its famed autobahn, but there is more than just driving fast. The country is criss-crossed with scenic drives and during the changing of the leaves is a wonderful time to make stops on the Romantic Road, or one of the other destination drives including fairy-tale locations, castles, and more.
  • Among the most popular drives is the German Wine Road. September is the season of German wine and harvest festivals with unusual offerings like the limited edition young fall wine, Federweisser. The highlight is Dürkheimer Wurstmarkt which bills itself as the world's biggest wine festival.
  • If you want to fill your mind as well as your stomach, Beethovenfest in Bonn (his birthplace) is a love song to the famed German composer. Along with live concerts, there are workshops and events for visitors local and international.
  • The Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Festival is as close to a Halloween festival as Germany gets. Filled with all things pumpkin, there are over 450,000 colorful gourds on the grounds of Schloss Ludwigsburg. There is, of course, pumpkin carving and largest pumpkin contests, but there is also the pumpkin boat race and pumpkin-themed menus.

September Travel Tips for Germany

  • Price drops may correlate with the official first day of fall. Try to plan your visit on or after that date for a better chance at discounts.
  • Oktoberfest is a celebration of Bavarian culture and a unique way to experience Germany, but is also incredibly busy. Start planning early if Munich and/or the festival is on your itinerary. Accommodations fill up quickly and beer tent reservations are made the fall or winter before the event.

To learn more about visiting in fall, check out our guide on the best time to visit Germany.

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