If You Need a Makeup Essential in Prague, It's Sephora to the Rescue

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You're on a glorious vacation in Prague. You were smart and packed as lightly as possible, and that includes your cosmetic bag. You've just dropped your bottle of foundation on the marble floor of your hotel room. It's made a monster mess. Even more distressing, you now are left without the most important item in your makeup arsenal.

Sephora Store Locations

But you are in luck. There are 13 Sephora stores within 6 miles of Prague's city center, with five in the city center area itself. The stores at Wenceslas Square and Grandi Stazioni are likely to be the most convenient.  Check this website for addresses, phone numbers and hours.

Sephora stocks a generous line of just about every cosmetics line you can think of and many you've never heard of. So replacing that foundation is a non-issue, and you might have some fun browsing around the store while you're there.

Sephora Services

If you're feeling like a beauty day, check out the services offered at Sephora. If you want to buy a different brand of foundation or just want to double-check that you had the right color on the broken bottle, get a color profile done. Sephora will evaluate your skin tone and undertones and come up with the ideal makeup in the perfect color for your skin. If it turns out that what you were using is not ideal. well, hey, that's a shiny silver lining to breaking the bottle.

Get your brows spiffed up at the brow bar or get some glam inspiration at the makeup bar. If you have 45 minutes to spare, book a custom makeover. Or get a personal one-on-one with a Sephora makeup expert who will advise you on skin care and choose the right fragrance and then give you a complete makeover. This takes about 90 minutes.

All this personal attention makes for some nice personal chill time on a busy European sightseeing trip. You might have gone to Sephora for a necessity, but this store is good at making lemonade out of lemons.

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