Senor Frogs of Nassau, Bahamas

••• Typical decor at Senor Frog's bar in Nassau, Bahamas. © Clint Brownfield

The Bottom Line

If you love: girls who may suddenly go wild, decent Mexican food washed down with fruity margaritas, and the occasional fart joke, then Senor Frog’s in downtown Nassau has got a barstool with your name on it.

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  • Lively atmosphere
  • Location convenient to cruise port and Nassau attractions
  • Waterfront, open-air deck
  • Live music
  • Tasty margaritas


  • Expensive drinks
  • Occasional frat-boy atmosphere
  • No authentic local color: it's your quintessential tourist trap


  • Phone: 242-323-1777
  • Hours: Restaurant: 11am - 1am; Souvenir Store: 11am - 11pm
  • Cuisine:: Burgers, nachos, appetizers, Mexican, sandwiches.

Guide Review - Senor Frog's of Nassau, Bahamas

This outpost of the popular and growing Senor Frog's chain (around 12 locations) that originated in Puerto Vallarta is conveniently located on the water, with nice views of the cruise ships anchored out in the harbor. Its entrance spills out into the lively Straw Market, where you can shop for all sorts of knick-knacks, clothing, souvenirs, etc. Talented bargainers do well here. Schnooks don’t.

On a recent pre-Thanksgiving visit, our lively lunch proved that just about everybody will sprout ear-to-ear grins during the course of a meal fueled by the margaritas, the carbed-up fun food, and the live band bouncing out Reggae classics and current hits.

Little kids are given hats made out of balloon animals, games are played, and grown men and women are moved to do things they might not normally do -- like taking over the microphone and blessing the entire restaurant with a song, or drinking a frozen concoction out of a long, plastic drink container lovingly referred to as, "The Yard." 

There are six-foot poles with large pointing index fingers at the top that can be surreptitiously moved around the restaurant. These fingers carry messages such as “horny” and “freak”, as they point to the unknowing diners below. High Jinx!

The food consists of variations on popular Mexican favorites, pub fare, and fresh conch salads prepared tableside. Margaritas are served in beer mugs -- small, medium and large. Plan on spending around $30 per person, more if you go wild with the margaritas -- they add up. The decor is funky frat-house chic, with a little towel-snapping on the side.

Though perhaps not fun for the whole family (kids don't want to see mom shaking what grandma gave her), Senor Frogs is worth the trip if only to say you've been to one of these cooky chains and experienced adults gone wild on their own personal Spring Breaks (no matter what time of year it is). Sure, it isn't the most authentic cultural experience you can have on your trip to the Bahamas, but it would be a lie to say it isn't a good time. And hey, I for one have never met a margarita I didn't like. 

After our two-margarita lunch I hit the Straw Market, where I bought a nice model airplane made out of Coca Cola cans ($12, talked down from $25), and then wove my way through downtown Nassau where I stopped into Christ Church Cathedral (Anglican/Episcopal) to listen to the organ music.

This was not abnormal. The abnormal thing was for me to highjack our mini-bus and instruct the driver to take us to Anna Nicole Smith’s grave

Anna Nicole would have loved Senor Frog’s. I can see her at the microphone now.

I recommend the mango margaritas -- the large ones.

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