What You Should Know About Seniors and Air Travel

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Seniors are a dynamic group of travelers with a wide range of needs and requirements when they travel. Airlines and airports are there to offer any help seniors may need on their air travel journies. Below are links to great tips covering the many aspects of air travel that a senior may encounter from arriving at the airport to getting to their final destination.

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How to Request a Wheelchair or Cart at the Airport

Some seniors have myriad mobility issues that can make it difficult for them to get from the airport curb to the airline gate. My post gives seniors tips on how to request wheelchairs and carts upon arriving at the airport.

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Air Travel With a Mobility Device or Mobility Aid

This post covers tips including gate checking wheelchairs, searches at airport security checkpoints, gate escort passes and special assistance. 

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How to Get an Airport Escort Pass

There are times when a senior may need extra help getting to the gate for their flight. Airlines allow family members to get escort passes, similar to a boarding pass, for those with mobility issues or disabilities to their departure gates. Some airlines will issue also escort passes that allow you to meet incoming passengers at their arrival gates. Escort passes are not issued for incoming international flights, due to customs and immigration regulations.

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Unaccompanied Minor - When Flights Delay or Cancel

This post covers what happens to unaccompanied minors when a flight is delayed or canceled, but the tips in here apply to seniors who may find themselves in a similar situation.

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Tips for Beating Long TSA Security Screening Lines

Senior Travel Expert Nancy Parole explains why Transportation Security Administration checkpoint lines are so long and how seniors can navigate them. She recommends tips including registering for TSA PreCheck, arriving early and understand the screening process.