Sedona Weather - Monthly Average Temperatures

Monthly Average Temperatures, Records Highs and Lows

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Sedona, Arizona is a popular destination for visitors from all over the world. The amazing red rock formations, made famous in many films, are mesmerizing and, for some people, spiritual. Some people believe that Sedona is even more beautiful than the Grand Canyon -- but I think you must see both as long as you are here!

Take a trip to Sedona any time of year, but be aware that the weather is very different than weather in the Sonoran Desert in Phoenix and Tucson, and also different from Flagstaff or the Grand Canyon.

It is somewhere in between.

Seasons in Sedona

There is winter in Sedona, and while snow happens, accumulations are rare. Don't worry about chains on tires. It is not unusual for there to be a 30-40 degree difference between low and high temperatures, so early morning hikers should be aware that layers might be in order.

In July and August, you'll find lower rates at resorts and bargains at golf courses (check for deals directly with While it is certainly cooler than in Phoenix, it will get hot in the summer, especially for people not used to triple-digit temperatures.

In the late fall, leaves will change colors. Desert dwellers from New England find this and points north well worth a drive to get that traditional autumn feeling!

March and October are probably the busiest months of the year. Winter is the least crowded, and a lovely place to spend the holidays. Those of us from Phoenix rarely get an opportunity to snuggle up in front of a fireplace!

Sedona Average Temperatures, Record Highs and Record Lows
Temperatures are shown in Fahrenheit. Here is how to convert to Celsius.

Warmest EverColdest EverAverage
January45°F58°F33°F77°F (2003)2°F (1979)2.07 in
February48613588 (1963)10 (1989)2.10
March52663889 (2004)9 (1971)2.23
April59744493 (1996)18 (1972)1.09
May678452104 (2003)24 (1975).58
June769360110 (1990)36 (1971).27
July819666110 (2003)43 (1968)1.53
August839465110 (1993)45 (1968)2.13
September738860104 (1948)28 (1968)2.01
October647850100 (1980)23 (1997)1.52
November54663988 (1965)11 (1970)1.33
December46573277 (1950)0

Last Updated: April 2014