Sedona-Verde Valley Gay Pride 2016 - Sedona Pride 2016

Celebrating Gay Pride in Northern Arizona's Verde Valley

photo by Andrew Collins

Set among the jagged red rock formations, dramatic mountainscapes, and verdant river valleys in and around the outdoorsy, spiritual town of Sedona, Sedona-Verde Valley Pride is an increasingly well-attended Gay Pride event serving the entire Verde Valley region - this late September event draws plenty of LGBT folks from Sedona, the historic former mining town of Jerome, and Cottonwood in between them. For that matter, many visitors come to Sedona's Gay Pride event from other Arizona cities with their own Pride festivals, such as Phoenix, Flagstaff, and - with an event soon after in early October - Tucson.

Sedona-Verde Valley Gay Pride has traditionally taken place in late September, with events in Jerome, Cottonwood, and Sedona. Here's a full calendar of Sedona/Valley Verde Pride events.

2016 Pride details were not available as of this writing, and so far, we haven't heard any been able to learn of any details about Sedona Pride this year. We'll post information here if any announcements are made about the future of this event.

Sedona Gay Resources

Many Sedona bars and restaurants as well as gay-popular hotels and shops will be especially busy during Pride Weekend. Check Arizona gay papers, such as Echo Magazine and ION Arizona for details, as well as the handy AZ Gay Pride Guide, Also check out the excellent visitor information site produced by the Sedona Chamber of Commerce and the Sedona-Verde Valley Tourism Council website.

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