Try Trailer Valet to Secure Your Hitch to Your Vehicle

Trailer Valet can help you maneuver tight spaces.
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We love our trailers, without them, we wouldn’t be able to haul our boats, campers, or cargo. There is one aspect of trailer ownership and can lead even the most levelheaded person to bouts of cursing and frustration. That is the act of backing up your vehicle to attach it to the trailer hitch. Even experienced trailer owners can find themselves in an endless cycle of backing up, pulling forward, adjusting, and backing up again, even with a partner to help. 

What if there was a way to bring the trailer to your hitch and guide it in on the first try? With Trailer Valet, that is a reality. Let’s look at the Trailer Valet and what help it can be for your next trip. 

Trailer Valet

The Trailer Valet is a device used to maneuver trailers around by a single person. While the Trailer Valet’s main purpose is to move the trailer hitch over your towing vehicle’s receiver it can also be used when you need to move a trailer through a tight space, sharp turn, or any other area where using a towing vehicle would be impractical or impossible. The Trailer Valet can even make the dreaded 90-degree turn a snap.

The device is composed of a hand crank, nine-inch wheels, and a steering handle. The Trailer Valet is hooked up to either side of the trailer depending on your dominant hand or the space you need to maneuver in. The built-in drive system comes with both a high and low gear to match the surface you are guiding on and the weight of the trailer. 

How Trailer Valet Works

To use the device, you need to first bolt it onto the tongue of your trailer. You can then turn the hand crank to lift the trailer off the ground to mobilize it. From there you raise the steering mechanism to engage the drive of the Trailer Valet. Crank the drive handle to propel the trailer forward and backward in either a low or high gear. 

While cranking the drive mechanism, you direct the trailer to its destination or hitch. Once you have reached your drop point, you set the drive handle down to lock its position and crank down the tongue to pop into your ball coupler or rest in another area. No worries if the valet slips from your hands, as the braking system will engage when the handle is not in the up or drive position. 

The drive train on the Trailer Valet is powerful enough for a single person to be able to push and pull a trailer weighing up to 5,000 pounds or 500 pounds in tongue weight, even on inclines. It also comes with durable features, such as a rust resistant powder coated finish and tough pneumatic wheels.

Who Needs Trailer Valet?

It depends on where you park your trailer or what situation is causing you to have trouble hooking up your hitch. While Trailer Valet isn’t for large trailers, you may find a use for it if you own a small RV, boat trailer, horse trailer, or something in between. Trailer Valet can help you guide your trailer into the right place, especially where the spot is tight. Sometimes you can’t always get your trailer where you want it by backing in, even with experience.

When not in use, you pull the pin out of the Trailer Valet, rotate it to fit against your trailer, and replace the pin. The unit is removable if you need to use it for many trailers. While Trailer Valet was designed for boat trailers, it can be used with small trailers so long as you don’t exceed the weight limits set out.

Now you don’t have to waste any more time backing your vehicle up for the 100th time only to find you’re off an inch again. Get it right the first try with the Trailer Valet.