The Secrets to Finding Lower Hotel Rates

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Even if you have a strict budget or per diem, there is no reason to have to stay in a low-budget motel. Many of the nicest hotels in the world offer deals online that are far below their standard rack rates. Knowing where to look online can get you a standard room in a hotel far nicer than you might have thought your budget would allow. For your next trip, try these sources.

Try Quikbook

Quikbook lets you choose a hotel by inputting your dates of travel and your price range. Even in larger cities, you can find a room in a really nice hotel for as little as half of the rack rates. 

Check the Hotel's Home Page

This may sound like a no-brainer, but many people skip this step. No matter which online service you use to book your hotel, check the hotel's official web site first for deals and discounts. Many list Internet-only specials that are not available anywhere else. It's prudent to compare the deals you get directly from the hotel before you book, although it may require a phone call to confirm availability. 

Compare, Compare, Compare

You might think, with real-time information zooming across the Internet all the time now, that all of the online booking web sites would have exactly the same rates. Not so. In fact, I've often found vastly different rates for similar rooms at the same hotel on Travelocity, Expedia, and Quikbook. It's worth taking the few extra minutes to pull up the same hotel on a few different services and compare the prices.

Deals and Discounts

If you are going to a popular destination like Disney World, there are a number of sites that can help you find the best hotel rates around. For example, lists the discount codes for Disney World as well as information on which online booking service has the best prices. If you're traveling somewhere else, Hotels/Resorts/Inns also lists discounts and special deals for hotels and resorts worldwide.

Before You Bid

Priceline can come through with ultra-low rates in a pinch. Before you bid on any hotels, check Bidding For Travel, a forum that can help you greatly increase your odds of getting a good Priceline value. Other travelers will tell you what prices they're getting successful bids on with particular hotels and cities. The advice is invaluable and should always be your first stop before you place a Priceline bid. Also, be sure to see Beat the Bidding System for a few tricks to getting the most out of Priceline.