The Secret Pizza Place at The Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas

Quick Snack or Full Meal at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Hallway Secret Pizza at Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas
Hallway Secret Pizza at Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas.

Eric Gladstone

My quest for good food in Las Vegas usually has me eating way too much, drinking way too much and listening to as many people as possible as they share favorites spots on the strip. Recently, E.C. Gladstone, a Las Vegas writer that I have had too many meals with, stopped into The Cosmopolitan Hotel and tried their "secret pizza place." He then talked my ear off about the place so I decided to share a few of his thoughts with you.

As a real East Coast guy he has a bit of a chip on his shoulder about pizza and rightly so, he has directed me in the right direction when it comes to a good pie so I deferred to his opinion about the newest spot in Las Vegas for a slice of pizza.

This is what Eric Gladstone had to say about the Pizza at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas:

The masterminds behind the counter are a couple of New York fellas named Nico and Christo. But that's about the only thing imported. The pizza dough is made fresh daily in the building with high-gluten flour. So is the spicy Italian sausage, the veal-pork-beef meatballs, the pre-sauteed onions and mushrooms--and the cheese is grated fresh daily (there's also big imported pepperoni and green peppers to top, as well as pepper flakes and Parmesan, naturally).

With a base price of $3.00 for a plain tomato-cheese slice and .50 cents for each topping, this is one of the best deals on the Vegas Strip. And when it hits your mouth, you'll agree it's also one of the best bites—a foldable crisp, chewy crust with a little char, bright tomato flavor, and fresh cheese flavors. Truthfully, in New York it might just be considered a good neighborhood joint. But in Vegas, I’m not sure there's a better slice anywhere. They've got a white pizza, too—just ricotta, mozzarella and herbs—that gets more sublime with every bite.

You can also order a whole 16” pie for $17. Which, on the Strip, is really a crazy bargain. And, did I mention, Pabst Blue Ribbon and Dogfish I.P.A. on tap for $3.50. Seriously.

The entrance is a bit hard to find but ask around the Cosmopolitan Hotel and you'll be able to locate it among the incredible food choices. Realize this is a hidden gem, no frills in a new resort that seems to have everything you could possibly need. No sign, no name but there is a Galaga machine and I'm hoping to have my name on the high score screen soon.

One more thing, it's open until 4 am. Get more details on the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

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Thanks to E.C. Gladstone, Las Vegas Travel Writer Extraordinaire for contributing to this piece. He is the only other guy who knows Las Vegas as well as I do and he is always willing to let me know that. Follow him on Twitter @ecgladstone