The Secret Menus in Las Vegas

Seeking the Secrets of Las Vegas

The behind the scene secrets are what legendary Las Vegas trips were once made of.  A secret entrance to a show where greasing the palm of the guy at the door got you a seat down in front sounds almost cliché but Vegas is a town of insiders. There is no reason why your Las Vegas vacation shouldn’t have a little bit of an “in the know” feel to it as well. These secret menu items will have people wondering just how much inside information you carry around with you.

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The Flower Drink Is Quite Special but It's Still a Secret

Chandelier Bar At Cosmopolitan Verbena Flower Drink
Zeke Quezada

The Verbena can be found at Chandelier Bar at Cosmopolitan Resort. More specifically, the 1.5 level Lounge at the bar. It’s not on the menu but the experience that this shocking flower drink gets you will have you talking about it all evening. While it is technically a secret item it also is the most popular drink at the Chandelier Bar. What do they say about loose lips?

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The Spicy Amberjack at Sake Rok Will Make You Sing

Sake Rok at The Park Las Vegas
Sake Rok

The combination of serrano chiles and truffle oil dance around the acidity of the Yuzo to make your taste buds quiver when the amberjack carpaccio slides across your tongue. You won't see it on the menu but you'll see the people who know somebody ordering as if it is what they have all the time. Act like you know someone and order the spicy amberjack with confidence. The only secret you keep is that you'll order more as soon as your friends go to the restroom. This is perfect for your pre-hockey game meal and it will make you seriously consider karaoke. Prepare yourself.

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The Riserva at Carnevino Italian Steakhouse Is No Secret

Zeke Quezada

The Riserva is a thing of beauty when it comes to steak at Carnevino Italian Steakhouse inside Palazzo Las Vegas. This is the ultimate beef lover’s fantasy. 240 days of dry aging on a steak that starts out as a cut above prime. What arrives at your table is a protein fantasy that is difficult to replicate. The science of beef is on full display as flavors develop when science meets culinary talent. Expect a funky steak with a beefiness that will change your view on steak forever. This is not for everyone and it is also not in everyone's budget.

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Going Vegan in Vegas at Heritage Steak at Mirage Las Vegas

Your vegetarian friends will thank you when you head to the Mirage for steak. The marinated grilled eggplant is perfect for vegans who love a secret menu item. A large cut of eggplant is first marinated to infuse rich flavors, and then grilled to create a lovely char. It is then topped with house made chimichurri sauce and served with a unique popcorn and roasted cashew glaze.  This is great, even for the carnivores.

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The Gambler's Special at Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas

Courtesy of Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas

At Mr. Lucky's inside the Hard Rock Hotel, all you need to do is sign up for the player's card and you get a  piece of beef, a few shrimp and some potatoes on the side for $7.77. Now, this special has been available for a long time so it's not that secret at all. However, if you step in to the restaurant in the wee hours of the morning the off the menu item is often a decent prime rib special that is reminiscent of old Vegas. Now that is a much better secret to keep.

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Secret Pizza Place at the Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas

The Secret Entrance to Secret Pizza in Las Vegas
Zeke Quezada

Even though the Cosmopolitan Resort has been open for a few year s there are still plenty of visitors that do not know that a secret pizza joint exists at the resort. That may be because it still does not exist on their website or on any official publicity material that the resort offers. It exists and in fact they are serious about their pizza. All you have to do is find it.

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Meatballs and Wine at Carbone Should Be Your Little Secret

The Red Room at Carbone at Aria Las Vegas
Ken Faulk

The meatballs are not on the menu but you’ll hear about them. In other words, this only barely constitutes a secret menu item and that’s a good thing. You see if you have a seat at the bar this is really all you need. A meatball and a glass of wine with some bread for dipping into the red sauce. The meatballs are made with ground beef, pork sausage, and veal and you can be sure that your table captain will tell you all about them after you have done your best investigative work on the menu. Not a secret, just not on the menu.

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In-N-Out Burger Secret Menu

Zeke Quezada

For anyone who has grown up on the West Coast the concept of Animal Fries is nothing new. However, if you visit Las Vegas and have heard all about In-N-Out Burger you'll want to know all about the secret menu. The simple menu that is visible to the typical visitor actually has a hidden layer that will make you an insider almost immediately.

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It's No Secret That Le Cirque Is Among the Best in Las Vegas

It’s difficult to think that any secrets at Le Cirque would not be common knowledge because the truth is that after you eat there you will tell everyone you know. This is the epitome of fine dining in Las Vegas and your experience will be in the best of the best category. You’ll ask for the surf and turf and just tell the General Manager that you read about it here. Yes, go ahead and drop a name, it’s Vegas, remember? This over-the-top dish utilizes every thing in the kitchen. Expect Japanese wagyu steak covered in perigourdine sauce made from truffles and topped with foie gras and finished with a layer of shaved truffles. The 2-lb. butter-poached Maine lobster tail will round out your exquisite experience. Now, the beauty of this secret is that it is very possible that when you mention a secret item you might be surprised by another hidden gem. As if the secret about Le Cirque is that you asked for something from the kitchen that is only made for very special guests on that special day. If you have ever wanted to feel like the restaurant was opened just for you, the staff at Le Cirque know exactly how to do that.

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An Entire Menu Kept As a Secret at Charlie Palmer's Steak in Las Vegas

When you visit a Four Season Resort you can always expect to feel special and this is exactly why you visit Charlie Palmer’s Steak in Las Vegas.  Their Cut of the Week is actually an entire secret menu. The Cut of the Week menu features the best cut of meat currently in the kitchen – and can only be accessed if guests specifically ask for it when they are seated. For just $58, the menu includes three decadent courses, shared steakhouse sides, and unlimited wine pairings.

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Secret Beers at Beerhaus at The Park Las Vegas

Finding a special beer is like finding a great taco truck on a street corner. You hope it will always be there but you know that there is always the possibility that you’ll drive by and your source of calories will not be around. Unfortunately, good craft beers can be elusive as well. At Beer Haus in the Park Las Vegas they dedicate 6 taps to special beers and they revolve, evolve and dissolve with regularity. Your favorite might show up at anytime and it can disappear just as quickly. That is why it is a secret stash of good stuff.   Whether it is an extremely limited release from a local Las Vegas brewery or the only barrel of foreign ale they were able to bring to Las Vegas, the beers on the Rarities & Unusuals menu change every day and are only available for an extremely limited time.

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Duck Fat Fries That Should Not Be a Secret at Stripsteak

It’s tricky to call these duck fat fries a secret item on the menu. You see you can find them on the happy hour menu at the bar and they are addicting. If you really just needed a fix you could get to the bar early and try their Down The Hatch cocktail menu and indulge in some fries. If you need a big meal there is a good chance that these savory potatoes might show up at your table anyway.  These heavenly fries are served with garlic-herb oil, sriracha ketchup, and truffle aioli.

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Secret Ramen Not on the Menu at Della's Kitchen

Get comfortable with the best secret noodle bowl on the Las Vegas strip. The only problem with this dish is that it is not available at 4am after a long night at the clubs.  Della’s off-menu Ramen Bowl features a hearty mushroom broth that has soaked in the flavors of a cooked pork shank and a smoked pork bone. This is as good as ramen can get in Las Vegas.

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Go Big at Jean Georges Steak

This Angus 300 Tomahawk Chop is a terribly kept secret in Las Vegas. Walk into the restaurant and you’ll see a table gazing in awe of the giant hunk of meat. Don’t worry, they have one for you, all you have to do is ask for it.  The colossal steak is cooked over a wood burning grill and served over a bed of smoking coals that not only keep the meat warm, but also perfumes the table. You’ll need a big wine to help this massive piece of protein find a home in your system.

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Don't Tell Anybody About the Lobster at Portovino

This is a secret that should be kept if only to make sure that the item is available for you. At Portofino this is pure decadence in the form of a savory New England Lobster. The lobster tail is flattened out, lightly poached in butter, covered in savory breadcrumbs and fried until crispy. The lobster is finished with a white wine lemon butter sauce and served with sautéed garlic spinach. You don’t need anything else.

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Uni, Nigiri and Caviar at Zuma

Zuma Las Vegas

Zuma is jumping most nights at the Cosmopolitan Resort but if you need a little extra special kick with your meal look for the

hotate nigiri with uni, ponzu butter and oscietra caviar. It's not on the menu but if you ask nicely they'll bring it out. Salty and savory with a touch of sweet this is what your palate has been asking for.