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The Second Saturday Art Walk is a chance for art enthusiasts and newbies to enjoy the works of local artists exhibited in the Midtown and Del Paso Boulevard districts. As the name suggests, this art walk takes place every second Saturday of every month, throughout the year.


There are no permanent hours for the art walk, but generally walkers start their stroll around 6 p.m. and end around 9 p.m. Sometimes the evening extends to up to 10 p.m. How late the walk stays open depends on how late the galleries decide to stay open.

Many of the galleries will extend their Saturday hours just for the walk. So many times these galleries on the second Saturday of the month will reduce their day hours then reopen later that evening especially for the walk. So check with participating galleries for their special Second Saturday Art Walk hours to help you plan your night.

Of course you set the pace of you art walk. The walk can last as long as you want in the time frame above.


Free – most of the time. Some of the venues, such as bars, may charge a cover fee, as well as other venues that are hosting by-invitation-only events.

Featured Artists

The list of artists showcasing their work during Second Saturday can change from month to month. Many of the galleries will show art of varying mediums (from watercolors and ink to glass and bronze) and subject matter.

Participating Galleries

The list of galleries that are participating in the art walk can change from month to month. Zanzibar Gallery, located at the corner of 18th and L streets, provides a map of the Midtown area, so make sure to stop of there first if you are new to walk.

Guide Tip: As you are walking and you find a gallery you like, make sure to sign up for their mailing list so that you can receive advanced notice of what the gallery will exhibit.

Participating Businesses

Galleries are not the only establishments participating in the art walk. Nearby restaurants, retail stores, offices, photo studios and hair salons also provide space for the art walk.

Who Can Attend

Any and all can attend. Children are welcome, although some galleries will exhibit pieces with mature content while other places may be serving alcohol.

Those will disabilities are also encouraged to attend. However not all venues are accessible due to stairs. So call ahead to a gallery and ask about their accessibility.

Guide Tip: Many of these venues are small so bringing a stroller inside these places may not be wise. Perhaps you can take cue from a technique used in Disney theme parks – the baby swap. One parent can stay outside with the baby while the other goes inside to view the art and then switch.


If you are going by car, it is probably a good idea to carpool. First, with parking space at a premium in Midtown and Downtown Sacramento it will be easier to find parking for one car than, say, four. And second, should your friends decide to drink, someone can be the designated driver.

Here is a list of area parking garages:

  • 17th Street between L Street and Capitol Avenue – this has $2 parking
  • East End Parking Lot, between L Street and Capitol Avenue and 16th and 17th streets – this is another $2 parking lot
  • J Street at 14th and H streets near the Music Circus
  • L Street at 18th and 17th streets
  • Capitol Avenue between 19th and 20th streets

Guide Tip: There are permit parking throughout the Midtown and Downtown areas so watch where you park. There are also private or permit-only garages, so stay clear from these lots.

If you are taking a bus or hopping on light rail, make sure to consult the Regional Transit Web site for route information and times.

Is the Art for Sale?

It will be at the discretion of the artist and/or gallery whether or not art pieces are for sale. Since the nature of the art walk is an observation activity in nature, some art may not be on sale. But it never hurts to ask.

Guide Tip: Parents watch your kids. Many art pieces may be made of fragile materials, such as glass, and can easily be damaged or knocked over. So keep this mind, "you break, you buy."

Before You Go Check List

Here are some things to consider before heading out to an art walk.

  • Check the weather.
  • Plan your visit. Create your own list of galleries and restaurants you want to visit. Make sure to call these establishments for hours and information.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothing.
  • Bring your ID if you plan to drink.
  • Plan your dinner. Since the art walk is only three hours long, it probably best to either eat an early dinner or late one. If you plan to get the full Midtown and Downtown experience, make sure to eat a snack before the walk and then visit one of the many restaurants following your walk.
  • Ask for permission before taking a photo of artwork.
  • Have a great time and enjoy the many talents the Sacramento art community has to offer.
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