2016-17 Seattle School Calendar

Holidays, Early Releases, and Breaks for Seattle Public Schools

Seattle School Calendar
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Seattle Public Schools encompasses a large school district with schools serving neighborhoods ranging from North Seattle to areas around UW to West Seattle and down to Georgetown. The district includes preschools, elementary, K-8, middle and high schools, as well as service schools and option schools, including STEM schools, language immersion schools and others.

Overall, the school district has a range of schools in terms of rankings, including some very well-ranked schools as well as some on the lower end of ranking.

The Seattle Public Schools website is pretty transparent with facts about the school district overall and has district scorecards, school reports that detail the performance of each school, school climate surveys, as well as assessment and testing reports. If you want to dig in and figure out which schools best suit the needs of your child, the Performance and Accountability page on the Seattle Public Schools website. You can also check out a visual representation and a simpler view of school rankings at Zillow.com.

While individual schools or even classes may have differences in schedules such as field trips or assemblies, the school district overall shares the same schedule of days off, early dismissals and breaks - posted below.

If there's a snow day or other inclement weather delay, the best way to check if your school is still in session or is delayed is to check local TV stations or radio stations.

For more details, see the Seattle Public Schools inclement weather page.

2016 - 2017 Seattle Public Schools Calendar

September 7, 2016: First day of school

September 12, 2016: Kindergarten first day of school

September 28, 2016: Two-hour early dismissal

October 14, 2016: No school - state in-service day

October 26, 2016: Two-hour early dismissal

November 2, 2012: End of first quarter

November 6, 2016: Set clocks back one hour

November 11, 2016: No school - Veterans Day

November 16, 2016: Two-hour early dismissal

November 21-23, 2016: Parent-teacher conferences for elementary schools and K-8 schools (many elementary schools closed, but check with your school).

November 24-25, 2016: No school - Thanksgiving holiday

December 19-December 30, 2016: No school - Winter break

January 2, 2016: No school - New Year's Day

January 16, 2017: No school - Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday

February 1, 2017: No school - semester break

February 20, 2017: No school - Presidents Day

February 21-24, 2017: Mid-winter break

March 22, 2017: Two-hour early dismissal

March 12, 2017: Set clocks forward one hour

March 22, 2017: No school

April 10-14, 2017: No school - Spring break

May 10, 2017: Two-hour early dismissal

May 29, 2017: Memorial Day holiday

June 23, 2017: Last day of school - one-hour early dismissal