Memorials and Monuments in Seattle, Tacoma and Olympia

Places to Remember Those Who Have Gone Before Us

Whether you want to honor a fallen or missing family member or friend for Memorial Day, Veterans Day or any other special day, visiting a memorial can be the perfect way to do so. While Olympia's Capitol Campus is most known for its plethora of memorials, Seattle, Tacoma and other cities in the Puget Sound region have memorials dedicated to almost every branch of service, every war the U.S. has fought over the past 100 years, and service members active and retired. Check the locations and lists below to find out which memorials are nearby.

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Capitol Campus

Washington State Capitol Memorials
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The Capitol Campus in downtown Olympia has the best array of monuments and memorials anywhere in Western Washington. The memorials are popular Memorial Day and Veterans Day destinations, and the beauty of the campus during autumn when the leaves are turning can’t be beat. You can easily make a day of a visit here by adding in a tour of the Capitol or walking around downtown Olympia.

Memorials and Monuments on the Capitol Campus:

  • World War II memorial
  • Law Enforcement memorial
  • Winged Victory monument
  • POW-MIA memorial
  • Medal of Honor memorial
  • Vietnam Veterans memorial
  • Korean War memorial

Location: 416 Sid Snyder Avenue SW, Olympia (along Capitol Way S. between 11th Avenue SE and 16th Avenue SE.

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War Memorial Park

War Memorial Park Tacoma
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Tacoma’s War Memorial Park is right next to busy 6th Avenue and the Narrows Bridge, but is quiet and peaceful within the confines of the park. Situated in a 3.7-acre ravine, the park includes several memorials all in one place. As such, it’s often the setting of Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day gatherings and events.

Memorials and Monuments at War Memorial Park:

  • World War I memorial
  • World War II memorial
  • Korean War memorial
  • Wall of Honor for local veterans
  • Wall of Honor for local POW/MIA/KIA
  • Pierce County Medal of Honor recipients
  • Blue Star memorial
  • Gulf War memorial
  • Vietnam War memorial

Location: Entrance just off N. Skyline Drive and 6th Avenue in Tacoma

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Pioneer Park

Pioneer Park

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Pioneer Park is home to a single Veterans Memorial, located right at the front of the park and visible from Meridian Avenue. There is often a veterans and active military gathering for Memorial Day or Veterans Day here.

Location: 324 S. Meridian, Puyallup

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Lake View Cemetery


While Lake View Cemetery is largely a cemetery, there is a unique monument located on the grounds. The Nisei War Memorial Monument honors Japanese American war veterans. Nisei is a Japanese term that refers to the children of Japanese immigrants who were born in the U.S. and had American citizenship, many of whom signed up to serve in World War II.

Location: 1554 15th Ave E, Seattle

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Des Moines Memorial Drive

One of the most unique area memorials is in Des Moines, just south of Seattle. Rather than a memorial made of cement or stone, this memorial consists of American Elm trees planted in remembrance of soldiers who died in World War I. Originally just 25 trees were planted, but there are now more than 1,000.

Location: The path starts in downtown Des Moines at Marine View Drive.

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University of Washington Campus

UW Medal of Honor Memorial

On the UW campus are several memorials:

  • Memorial Way – on NE 45th Street is a walkway that serves as a general memorial
  • World War I memorial
  • World War II memorial
  • Spanish Civil War monument
  • Medal of Honor memorial
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Bellevue Downtown Park

Bellevue Downtown Park

Located within the urban Bellevue Downtown Park is a World War I memorial dedicated to Eastside WWI vets.

Location: Corner of NE 4th Street and Bellevue Way

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Seattle Fallen Firefighters Memorial

Seattle Fallen Firefighters Memorial

Originally the Seattle Firefighters Memorial honored firefighters who died in a large warehouse fire in Chinatown in 1995, but has since come to stand for more than 30 Seattle firefighters who have died in the line of duty during the history of the department.

Location: Occidental Park, S. Main and Occidental Avenue S., Seattle

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Tacoma Fallen Firefighters Memorial

Firefighters Memorial Tacoma
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Names of fallen Tacoma firefighters are on plaques on a brick wall behind a dynamic bronze statue of three firefighters in action. The location of the memorial is close to a retired fireboat as well.

Location: Along Tacoma’s Waterfront on Ruston Way

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